Is Dani Johnson a cult?

No-I would like you to discuss some of the aspects of the book with us and tell us why it is different from all the other get-rich-quick books out there. Give us something more than a few “It will turn your life around!!” vagaries, please.

Aw smallgardens, you aren’t nearly as fun as those Lion Tamer people from a little while back!
Is it lots of common sense and practicalities like you’d find on the Motley Fool or other financial advice site (but presented in a way that you find particularly appealing)? Or is it its own set of advice and analysis that doesn’t lend itself to comparisons?

(By ‘Lion Tamer’ I mean that MLM group that searches the Internet for their name and descend like locusts trying to convince people it’s not really MLM, etc. But now that I haven’t used their name, I realize I can’t remember it. Hah!)

I think a lot of the “get rich” self-help books, seminars, etc. are hashed and rehashed versions of the same basic advice - get a good education, stay healthy, get out of debt, save more money, stop spending so much money on stuff you don’t need, etc. The programs can be useful as motivators, as guidebooks to help make a practical plan, or nice summaries of the basic principles, but I doubt there’s a lot that is really and truly profound.

Think about it - if I found a super-secret, totally awesome way to make millions on the stock market with a simple formula and a few hours a week - do you really think I would sell DVD’s explaining it for $39.95? Really? I would chug along with my plan for a few years, telling nobody, then retire to a beachfront mansion in Florida where $39.95 is irrelevant pocket change.

WARNING!!: There will be a permanent Pit thread created for whoever brings up their name and revives that infestation.

What do you think the super-secret, totally awesome way to make millions is? :stuck_out_tongue:

And this thread will now be buried until the next time one of her disciples Googles her name, drops in, and drops us a line to tell us that all will be revealed if we will just buy the booook!!!

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice …

Like, You Ought Not Ever Say Such a thing, for those who are itchy-curious.

:: writing a report titled “The Seven Secrets about Dani Johnson THEY Don’t Want You To Know!” It’ll be a $297.97 value, but once I’m done, for a limited time only I’ll make it available to my friends here for only $49.97. ::

Is it me, or do all the defenders here of the DJ books/method seem to not have been contributors to the SDMB until they posted defending DJ? And that’s all they ever do here?

I suspect it’s true - anyone can become financially independent by making an appearance on Oprah, writing a “free” financial self-help book and getting people to pay for “shipping costs”.

I laughed at this.

What am I missing here?

A familiarity with acrostics, I think.

Hint: The underlined letters spell out the name of the MLM group Rhythmdvl refers to above.

Yeah, I got that. But a quick search show only 3 or 4 posts in 3 threads with anyone with that, or partial, name. What’s the big deal? :confused:

It’s not a username, it’s the name of a MLM scam. If a thread names it (has it in the title) we get a slow trickle (slow, because that’s the nature of people who believe in it) of people who promise that the math works if you just trust them or some vague bullshit like that. Anyway, they search the net, see the name referenced, then come to the board and try and stir up business. Lots of false information, zombies, etc.
ETA:closed link that if you skim you’ll understand. This is just one example.

I’m wary of any “system” or “product” where members surf Google for message board and blog mentions of the system/product so they can join and defend it.

Sorry to say but I believe that Dani Johnson preys on the weak of mind people who are in a lot of financial trouble. Interestingly, she asks her “followers” to continue to attend her expensive seminars around the country. After one of my friends became brainwashed with everything “Dani”, I researched the internet and found nearly nothing in terms of negative experiences with Dani. This is unheard of in terms of statistics because anyone claiming (as Dani does) to have helped thousands of people would surely have a percentage of people that aren’t happy with her or didn’t get what she said they would.

Bottomline: Dani Johnson has much good common business sense that she took from great minds like Carnegie, Clement Stone, and of course, Jesus Christ. What she’s done is taken the words and ideas of great thinkers, added her “personality” to it and turned around and sold it to those lost financially. In return, she gets a lot of money back from her MLS followers in search of the quick money.

It is a very sad and twisted way to make money and all you will hear about Dani Johnson is good things because she hires companies that will remove any and all negatives about her.

Buyer beware and the best advice is to get out of debt is to turn to God and work hard. Period.

And if you cut God out of the equation, you get to keep all the cash!

God always gets His 10%.

He staked out this scam eons ago.
You can learn much from such a Master!