Is Gary Karr gay?

I just watched this video on YouTube, of the famed double-bassist Gary Karr, telling a long story about how he acquired his 400-year old instrument from the widow of composer Sergei Koussevitsky. I know you can’t generalize, and I know it ultimately doesn’t matter and everything, but Karr’s voice and enunciation gave off a very “gay” vibe.

Wikipedia also says:

“After 40 years as a concert artist he retired in 2001 to Victoria, British Columbia, where he lives with his dog Shin-Ju.”

I know there’s nothing inherently gay about living alone with a dog with a goofy name, but again, there just seems to be something fey about it.

Does anyone know?

Karr’s web site does mention that during his annual bass clinic, piano accompaniments would be provided by his “partner”, Harmon Lewis, who has been collaborating with Karr for 35 years. At one point in the clinic the participants are invited to “their home,” which, discreetly, says it all, I would think.

That last Geocities site you linked to is absolutely hilarious, though part of it is the somewhat shaky English of its Taiwanese creator.

"When Gary first time learn the piece Bloch’s Prayer. His grandpa smash his face, and tell him something he will never forget in his life. He said: “Gary, this note, you play without feeling. Don’t you do that again.”

Anyway, yeah, looking over all that stuff, I think they’re definitely gay. Or as I would have said when I was a kid, “they’re gay for each other!”

Well, most of those classical geeks tend to be light in the loafers, even the straight ones, so it can be a bit difficult to tell. Magic 8 ball says Signs Point To Yes.

This page from your last link is definitely a candidate for “gayest web page ever.”