Is Godfather Part II the only film that is both a prequel and a sequel?

Back To The Future part 3 was a sequel, but mostly set before the previous 2.

The OP is asking if The Godfather II is the only movie that is both prequel and sequel.

If he’s going with a definition of prequel that makes all prequels sequels, that makes his question internally redundant. Sort of like saying ‘the only sub that’s also a sandwich’, or ‘the only car that’s also a mode of transportation’.

Also, given that he used the word ‘prequel’, rather than, say ‘sequel that has a significant part of the action before the original’, chances are he understands the pre-existing concept, and thus knows that Godfather II isn’t the only one (though it’s certainly possible he could have independently coined the word, it seems unlikely).

The main characters travel back in time, but they have already experienced everything that happened in the first two movies which means it’s not a prequel. It’s about what happened in the 1800s after they travel to the past.

Thank you, Tengu. You explained that better than I would have.

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It’s not that complicated. He/She is looking for movies that contain both prequel elements and sequel elements, like Godfather II.

Phantom Menace does not count, as the whole thing is before Star Wars. Temple of Doom…no, that’s all before Raiders.

I don’t even think Back to the Future III counts. In their(Marty and Doc Brown) timeline, it all occurs after I and II.

Ah, I’ve been Ninja’d.

I think some of the Saw movies would count. The plots intertwine with each other so that the events of some of the movies actually are happening concurrently.

The sequel to Der Himmel über Berlin[Wings of Desire] has a few flashbacks that take place during World War II, but they only serve the story of the sequel, not any of the events in the first movie as far as the characters are concerned.
I wouldn’t be surprised if there are a lot of examples in other media. Just one that I thought of is from the new Thundercats animated series. A recent episode showed the story of Panthro and Grune from their first meeting up to the events before the series pilot. At the same time, they were meeting for the first time in the timeline of the series. Not to mention that the series is itself a prequel/reboot [preboot?] of the old one.

Spartacus Gods of the Arena was a sequal and prequel to Spartacus Blood and Sand.

No flash back needed.

The Bourne Ultimatum did something unique. Although viewers do not figure it out until later, the bulk of the movie takes places before the end of the prior movie. Near the climax it shows the end of the prior movie again (to be interpreted in a new context), and has its own ending which takes place after the events of the prior movie.

I don’t think it is really a prequel or sequel, just a movie that has a time-line that straddles the prior movie.

ooh, Highlander 2. It was a prequel, a sequel and it didn’t ever exist, all simultaneously!

You win the thread.

Pssst. Post 10. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade has a sequence before either of the other two and most of the movie after the other two.