Is Hell Hot Or Cold?

By literal Scriptural description, it is hot, of course. That being said, some believe the flames are metaphorical and it might be a reference to some other torture, perhaps one specifically tailored to each person.

You can go to Hell I’ll go to Eden


Welcome to hell. Here’s your accordion.

For me, bagpipes.

It depends; which would you prefer it to be?

It’s the other one.

Or Eden.

That’s absolute happiness in a bottle I wonder what she keeps the temperature at?

Yes, based on what I hear in the vernacular it has many contradictory qualities, as many things are: “Cool as hell”, “Sexy as hell”, “Ugly as hell”, “Awesome as hell” etc.

There is also the matter of confusing transport conveyances. You can reserve a seat on an express bus to hell, or be carried in a hand basket. But to leave, you have to catch a “Bat out of Hell”.

But are they hot?

In the beginning of Olsen and Johnson’s “Hellzapoppin’” which is set in hell, the stars arrive in a taxi. Johnson says that finally a cabbie went where he told him to go.

As for Eden, you might not want this one:

Hell is having endless debates with stubborn, ignorant, rude people who continually argue about everything and never concede anything.

No relation to the Straight Dope! :wink: :nerd_face: :smiley:

Other People

Sounds like online Brexit debates.

Most people interpret this from too personal a perspective.

There’s the joke about a guy arriving in hell. And the devil tells him Hell is a place of eternal punishment and takes him into a room where there’s a beautiful nude woman on a bed and tells the man he’s going to spend the rest of eternity making love to the woman. As the man begins, he says the devil was obviously wrong in saying Hell was a place of eternal punishment. The woman says “You’re not the one being punished.”

In the case of Hell, I agree it is a state, specifically, Texas.

It’s where the damned men and women fight over the thermostat for all eternity.

That’s actually pretty close to what I was taught by some teachers (not all) in my Jesuit high school.*

Hell is simple. It’s just yourself.

* Some others said Hell existed, but that the only beings in Hell were those who chose to be there. In other words, universal salvation.

I’ve heard, I think from Catholic circles, that hell is just the absence of God. Which I’m a-ok with, as long as I had a fridge full of food and cold beer and good wifi. It’s been that state my whole life so far.