Is it me or is there something weird about these commercials feat. kids?

At first it wasn’t so bad. There was the Lowe’s Pella windows commercial in which the little girl gives a flower to the Pella Window guy and her mother goes “Awww” as if to say, “Isn’t my daughter soooo adorable, Pella Window guy?” I don’t know why it bothered me so. Something about the mom awwwwwing her own daughter seemed. . . unseemly.

And then I saw a Hooked on Phonics commercial where two moms ogle over a 4 year old who reads. When the kid finishes reading, his mom gives him a hug and, over his head while she hugs him, gives the other two moms the most self-satisfied and gloating look. You can practically hear her thinking, “My son is so smart and your kids are idiots!

Last night on one of the many Christmas special HGTV home makeovers they ran a commercial for some guy who makes personalized songs for sick kids. “Here’s an example” he says and hands the music to a small, bald and scarred child. Here are the lyrics as I remember them:

*Oh Sara, you’re a beautiful lady
Just like all the animal babies. *

Um, what? They cut away from Sara rather quickly. I think it’s because they don’t want to show the poor girl crying because a song told her she, personally, looked like an animal.

I think we need to go back to the smartmouthed brats in TV commercials.