Is it only Americans that always have their eyes glued to their phones' screens?

This is all very disturbing.

Saw this on Facebook the other day: “We’re having some people over to stare at their phones tonight if you’d like to join us.”

It really is. To think that a single invention can change the paradigm in such a dramatic way.

This is the norm in South Africa too. People are never far from their handbrains. I work in IT, and I fucking hate it. Not that I hate my smartphone, just the people who’re always on theirs.

After a couple of appalling cases, the UK government has just announced plans to increase to life imprisonment the penalty for causing death by dangerous driving where someone is using a mobile phone (among other aggravating causes).


Yeah, it’s pretty commo

sorry, did you ask me something? I was just checking facebook.

Because there’s a handful of us who want to try to show off how smart we are with faux outrage at how stupid other Americans (and only other Americans) are.

In Bali. Saw a guy on his motorbike this afternoon, texting with one hand and holding the handlebar with the other. Not looking at the road of course. Don’t recommend that.

In Germany they have a new word: smombies. Smart phone zombies.

No, but it definitely is self-centered people, people with a very narrow view of the world.

People with mental blinders + cellphones = talk about being blind!

Clearly we need to upgrade phones with sophisticated motion sensors that can detect hazards and guide the user away from them. Perhaps an elaborate gyroscope that changes their balance so they naturally veer in the proper direction. Kind of like self-driving cars, but with people. Self-walking people.

Thanks for making my day!
I’m stealing this !!! :slight_smile:

You think only Americans have such outrage about their countrymen?:p:D

That’s sounding a lot like a self-driving Segway. If it means the smombies stop from wandering from one edge of the sidewalk to the other I’m all for them. Oh and a Finn checking in - smombies everywhere. Probably not as many of them in sight at any given moment given our sparse population but the few people you do see are certainly glued to their phones.


Even in the Caribbean. At a beach bar I saw a family (mom, dad, two kids) who looked “destitute”. They were huddled together sharing a can of soda, which they’d purchased so that the could occupy a table and charge their phone. They were passing the phone around so that each family member could check whatever it is poor people need to check.

I surreptitiously took their picture, which was easy to do since I noticed them upon looking up from my phone.

Yes, I agree what an outrage it is that no one is talking to anyone else. Yet, I was at the dentist yesterday having my teeth cleaned and the hygienist never stopped talking. Not for one minute. I would have been delighted if she had been looking at her cell phone. Well, maybe not, since she had sharp objects in my mouth at the time, but you know what I mean. Not all conversation is better than none.

And I just now learned how to spell hygienist. Ignorance fought!

Well, but they’re doing it ironically.

Probably wouldn’t be the best idea to mug someone who has electronic gadgets. These people are usually the ‘socialites’ who have smartphones with mutiple social media apps that share locations very quickly. And when their phone gets stolen, they’ll panic and probably search for it very easily on their computer or through their phone carrier. You wouldn’t be getting to far.

In other words…No…just no.:smack:

For myself, I asked about other countries because I never go anywhere.