Is it possible to lie to oneselves so much that you can get sent to Hell for it?

The answer is no, you would not go to Hell for lying to yourself. One goes to Hell for not believing that one is saved by faith in God. If being a sinner kept one from going to Heaven, it would be empty.

This, except that I voted “No.” Because I didn’t find any compelling reason to NOT fight the hypothetical.

Okay, now there’s a compelling reason!

What if you don’t believe that, but you lie to yourself that you do? :smiley:


Lying to yourself plus being honest with others no worky. For people who lie to themselves constantly, it’s the first necessary step in a lot of the lies they tell to others by word, action and/or omission.

Also, being a virgin doesn’t equal being chaste. You can be chaste and fuck like a bunny, and you can be a virgin and not chaste at all.

Anyway, I’m in the theological “the gate to Heaven is acceptance of Grace” camp, which has shitall to do with having been naughty nor nice; if we posit that the gate’s locks depend on whether you’ve sinned or not, then the specific theology being defined needs to also define what constitutes ill-behavior and whether it includes lying to oneself or not.

So you have a person who does nothing wrong ever, but who thinks of raping and killing people every day of their life. And they don’t accept Jesus.

According to Christian theology, going to hell.

But a serial rapist/murderer who is never caught, but who accepts Jesus two minutes before the shootout with police goes to heaven?

According to Christian theology, going to heaven?

What is wrong with this picture?

There is no hell.

What do you think is wrong with it? It sounds unjust if you’re thinking of Hell in penal terms, as a punishment for crimes committed. But there are problems with that view. Is it just to assign eternal punishment to temporal crimes? Is it just to judge people strictly by what they’ve done, when the same person might not have done those things without the opportunities or the provocations they had had?

If you’re going to assign people to Heaven or Hell, it makes more sense to me to do so based on who or what they fundamentally are, rather than on what they’ve done.

Someday Ill provide my full “God works in mysterious ways philospohical proof” but in a nutshell…God is either massively more unelightened or enlightened than you so its impossible to apply your standards of morality to him.

Don’t be silly; of course it’s possible to apply my standards of morality to him. I apply my standards of morality to cats; I can apply them to gods.

Whether or not God will care if I disapprove of his actions as he crushes me like a bug is another matter, of course.

You apply your standards of morality to cats??? Either you’re a monster (Cause your standards are similar) or your house is some kind of Nurem…purrrrg.

The general consequence is that my house is cat-free, actually.

(And god-free, for similar reasons.)

I was also raised Universalist and therefore do not believe hell is a punishment for humans (hell is a cage for Satan alone), but I answered no too for similar reasons. The only lying that I know of that is a sin in any flavor of Christianity is if it hurts another person, and there’s no other people involved when you lie to yourself.

Just gonna bump this one @elfkin477 to say that, given the COVID experience, if the lie you’re* telling yourself is such a denial of reality that you are actively harming, possibly killing, other people, then you ought to be damned for it.

*The royal “you”, of course.

I started a new thread rather than hijack this one.

Without answers, why religion?

Yes… but let’s clear something up. Hell (and/or the lake of fire) is not eternal punishment, the scriptures are clear Christ will reconcile all things to Himself, things above and things below. This is an absolute and logically must be. Everything was created for Him and it is His inheritance. Christ will not lose any of it.

Hell is a refinement, and belief and baptism does not guarantee that someone won’t spend time in Hell, just saved and will receive eternal life. Now I do believe God will try to reach that person before Hell would become a needed way to do that, but some people are so stubborn that they will need that level to learn.

With that out of the way I will state my experience. I was in that position of that good christian. I believed abortion was a sin (the sin of murder), and was sure that was God’s view. I even had a woman repent of murder who had an abortion.

This was a time of my life that God was cleaning up my life and straightening up a few things. I met 5 women, each one a short time after meeting them confided in me that they had a abortion (the first one I had repent, I never saw her after that). For the others I heard their stories, what lead to them aborting. The words of Jesus came to me, basically the sin of murder is hatred in one’s heart.

After hearing their stories a question arouse each time, 'Was there any hatred in this woman’s heart?" I answered each time Lord no there was not. Each time a follow up question arose along the lines of ‘where was the hatred then?’ and I would answer 'from the people who oppressed and shunned this woman for her choice, from society that had her hide her abortion from them at a time when she needed your Love to help her with that hard decision and the after effects and making her bear that hatred. I found out that I was the exact same person that the OP was describing and was very thankful to God that He showed me the error of my ways and I know what a rat bastard I have been, and I do feel very bad about the one I had repent of murder, the one that I have lost contact with, which is most likely for the best.

So God does try to reach us, but if I still didn’t get it, Hell refinement would still be an option.

It is my religious belief that it is possible for a person to go to Hell. I also believe that it would be presumptuous for me or any other human to specify in any more detail than that just what would result in a person going to Hell.