Is McAfee really that bad?

Norton yes, in the 90s, McAfee never, they were always crap.

Windows Defender is enabled by default on a clean installation, but is disabled by the OS if you install a third party anti-virus, and that’s a good thing, because two anti-virus programs running at the same time can block each other and bring a system to a halt, resulting in a less secure system. If you uninstall the third party anti-virus, Windows will detect it and enable Defender again.

Thanks for all the feedback thus far. I’m puzzled by the big disparity between the software publications and the users.

The users almost all complain that McAfee is crap.

The publications (BestAntiVirusPro, US News, SafetyDetectives, CNet, PCMag, etc.) all rank McAfee very highly. Are they all being paid off by McAfee? Doubtful, but what do they see in it?

Thanks. I uninstalled McAfee and got my Windows Defender up and running again, along with MalwareBytes Premium.

What does MalwareBytes do, or scan for, that Defender doesn’t? Are they scanning different or same things? (My PC is able to run a full MalwareBytes scan but it can’t handle a Defender full scan for longer than thirty seconds without beginning to overheat and needing a shutdown.)

It sounds like you need to do something about the airflow in your computer if it’s overheating that easily. I guess it could be just dust an gunk covering things up, but I’d start to suspect there may be fans that aren’t working. Even a full CPU and disk load shouldn’t cause your computer to overheat.*

That said, do make sure that any active or live scanning in Malwarebytes is disabled. You don’t want it to be automatically scanning every file that Defender is also scanning.

Also, assuming you have the key to Malwarebytes, you could try uninstalling it and then seeing if the Defender scan works better. If so, then try reinstalling Malwarebytes Premium.

*I’m assuming your temps are actually high (e.g. above 90 C) , and you don’t just mean the computer slows down. Slowdowns could be any number of things. But, still, checking to make sure fans are working and have a clear path of air is a good idea, regardless.

I don’t actually know. I just know that when I’ve found malware on someone’s computer and look for how to disable it, the recommendation is always to use MalwareBytes. I don’t think you need the premium version, by the way – just use Windows Defender and if you think something is wrong, scan with the free version of MalwareBytes.

It’s been three days since I ran Revo uninstaller and I have not once gotten a McAfee nag. Hurrah!