Is skunk really stronger than normal dope ?

Similar to shrooms but less pleasant. Read the link I posted about THC overdose - like that but not quite as bad. Huge buzzing in my head, visual distortions, psychedelic lightshows when I closed my eyes, auditory hallucinations, inability to speak. THC is a hallucinogen like all the rest, just usually taken in a milder dose (according to Encyclopaedia Britannica anyway).

I don’t have to jump to jjimm’s defence, but he wasn’t smoking it. A huge oral dose of cannabis very trippy. Many tourists in Amsterdam have made the mistake of munching down two or three space muffins and gone to the land of wonder as a result.

You’re right, of course, I was speaking too loosely, oir, if you will, wrongly. The point remains that the pressed resin was far more familiar on the streets of the UK in the 60s than the loose vegetable matter that was grass

Or, of you will, or. :smack:

I give up!

Thanks for the clarification, but actually, though the bhang lassi was ingested, the skunk I’ve had was indeed smoked. And I tripped - or at least, my definition of a trip. If anyone doesn’t believe me, take a trip to Amsterdam. :wink:

Since the OP has been pretty well answered, and the topic is a touchy one for the board, let’s close this one.