Is Someone Just Being an Ass Or Is This Legitmate Prosecution?


The way I see it the real issue here is #428
A more complete picture of things here

[sub] A few weeks ago a picture of the original Diogenes got me thinking about Reign-The Conqueror. Then, up from my subconscious came a memory of Astrosniks from elementary school. At the time Diogenes had been just a strange name I couldn’t find in my mythology book. Twenty years later, I get the joke. I’m still shocked by the presence of such an esoteric reference in a Smurfs ripoff.[/sub]

I hope Bursey sues Strom Jr.'s ass for a zillion bucks, and drag it through the courts for a while.

If nothing else, it ought to help shed a spotlight on the abuses coming from this administration.

One more vote for someone(s) being an ass. And it’s mostly Strom Thurmond Jr.

Free speech issues aside, you’d think the Secret Service would be at least as concerned with a potential threat from someone blending into a crowd of Bush supporters with a pro-Bush sign, as they would an “elderly hippie”.

The Thurmonds
The Clintons
The Bushes

God, when will this plague of succession end?

What if the sign says:


For whatever reason, human beings are hard-wired to believe leadership follows blood lines, despite all the evidence to the contrary. Didn’t Ford Motor Company’s finances stabilize when they put the descendent guy in charge? Even before he had much of a change to really do anything? Purely based on perception?

It’s been part of U.S. politics forever, and will be for the foreseeable future. From the Kennedy dynasty going all the way back to John Adams and John Quincy Adams. If Dubya’s re-elected in 2004 (get thee behind me!), look for Jeb to be the front-runner in 2008.

Blood succession, sadly, will end only when human beings are no longer recognizably human beings. But you probably already knew that…

Lordy. I haven’t been quoted this much since I typed “4rd” instead of “4th”.

My point was that we’re all nervous, and for good reason. I’m not happy that free speech/demonstrations are being stopped for no rational reason. I don’t like much about the current state of affairs, in fact. And, of course - I don’t have the answer. GB will be re-elected; we’ll have to wait and see if he’s up to the post-9/11 and Iraq war challenges.

If this guy doesn’t get off I think a large number of people should show up at Shrub’s next speech with signs complaining about this absurd case.