Is the "Lemon Test" applicable to state discrimination against gays?

Actually, any debate professor will tell you that Vidal won that debate when Buckley resorted to ad-homs. As for my youth and beauty, I appreciate the fact that in your erotic dreams about me I look like the young Vidal*, but if you must know I look like what I am: a 1/4 Jewish burly Chilton County hillbilly (except when I look like Teddy Roosevelt, but that’s only by appointment).
*Gore’s the one on the right; the man on the left is his partner Harold. (They were together for 53 years until Harold’s death last September.)

Sampiro, from Alabama now living in Georgia wrote :

What? Calling someone a “Nazi’ is not an ad hom, while calling someone a “queer” is? Get your semantics straight, being called a " queer” is not all that bad, but being called a "nazi’, murderers of millions, is.

I thought you knew that.

Technically he called him a pro crypto-Nazi based upon his views of police use of force. He was attacking Buckley’s political views (which, in fact, can be argued to resemble those of fascist Germans). I can see an argument that it’s ad hom or an argument that it’s not. Buckley’s responded by calling him a “goddamned queer” and threatening to physically assault him, which cannot be argued not to be an ad-hom. Essentially the debate was a two-person clusterfuck, but Buckley came out the worse.

PS- You left out posing as somdomite