Is the Tea Party "the Right's New Left"?

I repeat–I live in an area utterly dominated by the Tea Party.

What I observe does not correspond to anything like “Liberal” in any fashion.

They had a damn book-burning last year!

They local State Rep wants drug testing of everybody on welfare, because it will “save money”.

THIS IS NUTS!:smack:

Well, the “horseshoe theory” is that two sets of extremists can have certain similarities in style and other characteristics even if the content of their politics is diametrically opposed.

Think of the old New Lefties who went neoconservative – they changed their political alignment but not their extremism.

Most of them were Trotskyists which makes a lot of sense.

The thing with the Tea Party is that it has yet to suffer a McGovern style defeat-the Democratic nomination of George McGovern in 1972 with New Left ensued that he’d be crushed overwhelmingly and the New Left discredited in the party. However Mitt Romney was forced to bend to the will of the Tea Party without being seen as a Tea Party candidate thus leaving the position of the Tea Party intact-even if GOP moderates argued the Republicans lost because of the TP, they can just argue back it was the Establishment who caused the Republican defeat.

Marion and Abby Rockefeller gave the money to start the New Left magazine Ramparts.
Abby Rockefeller was a part of the radical feminist Cell 16. She was involved with giving money to many leftist groups.

Hereis an article int he New Left Project about the new left and structuralism.
Hereis an article about how 10 leftist terrrorists from the New Left ended up as professors.