Is there such a thing as a natural appetite suppressant?

While this is true and probably bears repeating for lurkers (my favorite example is “syphillis” - as an herbalist, I hear a lot of “it’s good and safe because it’s natural” b.s.), I think the OP knew that. That’s why s/he asked the question.

There is a cactus called hoodia that supposedly helps lower appetite as well. So does 5-htp as someone has mentioned.

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Basically you are allowed 2 of the following every day:

** Protein servings (3 and a half ounces each) boneless / skinless chicken breast, egg whites (6), white fish, tuna, and once a week lean red meat.

** vegetable serving (8 ounces raw uncooked weight. Vegetable high in sugar are not allowed such as carrots, corn, snow peas, etc.

** 2 fruit servings (medium apple or orange or 8 strawberries

** 2 breadsticks or melba toast

** 2 cups jello-light

** 1 coffee

** there are many items in the recipe book (soups and other things, I just can’t think of them right now.

They say not to use oils of any kind when preparing your meals, and instead use PAM or some other spray, but I cheat here and sauté my vegetable in a small amount of extra virgin olive oil.

It’s been really tough going at times that’s why I was asking about suggestions for foods that reduce the hunger cravings.

The diet is well supervised, 3 times a week you go to the clinic and the nurses check you out and give you an injection of b6 and b12.
They also test your urine to see if you are 'burning".
Every 2 weeks you see their doctor and your blood is tested.

Once you get close to your goal, they slowly introduce foods again that you can eat in moderation.

Yes, it’s called food.

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Yes, I saw an episode of Dateline, or one of those newsmagazines on one of the major networks, that did a segment on this. It sounded amazing.

I mean of the hoodia. Not the grapefruit

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Er…that should do the trick quite nicely. Barring that, as far as I know, nicotine is the most powerful appetite suppressant that is readily available. So I suppose nicotine patches and/or gum could be used as a viable means of weight control. But I seriously doubt that your physician would be highly enthusiastic about the plan.

It was 60 Minutes. They really made it sound like Hoodia could be the “magic bullet” appetite suppressant that people are looking for. I realize this is anecdotal, but the reporter (Leslie Stahl, IIRC) tried it and said it really worked. Apparently, the main problem they’re having is in finding a way to mass-produce it.

O.K. - your wife’s cooking. :wink:

Yep. Humorously enough its one of those plants that takes 6 years to grow and is hard to grow via manmade methods. I think pfizer has isolated the active ingredient and is trying to synthesize it. I wonder if the chemist who finally synthesizes it and makes 20 billion for the company will get a $500 bonus and a plaque or not.