Is this 'WW2 Fact' correct?

Ah, well, that’s different if you’re going to actually experience the passing time.

Olympia. These are the stands at the Berlin 36 Olympics.

Within 10 years, a majority of the German/Austrian men there between 15 and 40 will be dead. Probably about 65%.

Makes us tired, too.

That would be a zombie thread.

There are two ways I remember how many Xs are in a Y when it comes to time. This for years and this for days.

Wait a few years until somebody resurrects this thread… :wink:


I guess I’d use the back door for a couple of years, but towards the end I’d stay in my living room waiting for Hitler to come by. Then I’d yell “Hey Hitler! Fuck you!”

Thanks for literally making me laugh out loud, Charles…


I think this mathematical extension to Gaudere’s Rule is sufficiently exemplary so that no remark from me on the inadvisability of snarkiness in GQ is really necessary. :smiley:

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