Is your Social Security number on your birth certificate?

This, exactly. Skald and I are the same age and got our first jobs at the same time, apparently.

IIRC, I had to have a SSN to get my drivers license at age 16. (That would have been in 1975)

We applied for the SSN right from the hospital before we actually had the birth certificate. To get the birth certificate, we had to go to Town Hall, request it, and pay a fee for it; they printed it out there in Town Hall. It’s officially issued by the state. The SS card came in the mail about a week after we applied. I can imagine that once the number has been assigned, birth certificates subsequently issued *could *conceivably include the number. But I’ve never seen such a thing.

It occurs to me that if anyone took seriously the thing about the SSN being strictly only for job-related official government crap, it couldn’t possibly appear on one’s birth certificate. Ahaha. As if anyone took THAT seriously.

I didn’t get Miss Mean Thang’s name, or I probably would rat her out if I could. (It’s systemic, though; I’ve never had a pleasant call to those folks, and it’s only gotten worse since I got laid off and went COBRA.) Since I didn’t, all of you have my thanks, as you have made me feel not-like-an idiot!

Wait – are we triplets?

You didn’t used to have to provide SSN’s for your dependents. Us kids got ours all at one time, when I was maybe 4 and my brother was 13 in 1961…we have consecutive numbers, the three of us. My kids got their numbers a few months after they were born, after we filled out the papers and sent them off with the birth certificates…that was in the 80’s. That lady was either new or crazy. Call her supervisor now! She should not be allowed to make people cry.

OK, wise guy – who voted “Yep”?

Mine’s not. I didn’t get my SSN until I got my first part time job at age 14.

I was born in another country. Why the hell would my birth certificate - which isn’t even in English - have a U.S. id number on it? Call the office back, get that woman on the phone and tell her, “Bitch, you crazy!”

Seriously. Who voted “yep” ??!?

That mean lady is an ignorant ass. Were I in your shoes, I would be all too happy to report her and even file an official complaint.

It may be now but I was born in 1961. My parents applied for all 3 of us kids at the same time. Mine ends in 7600, my brothers - who is 2 years older than I is 7601 and my deceased sister who is 2 years older than he is 7602. No idea why we are in reverse order either, it isn’t alphabetical, my birth name begins with M, his D and hers B.

Heck no – furthermore, the local law here could be interpreted to mean they can’t include it.

Mine does not, nor do those of my sons, born in Dallas, TX in the mid-nineties. I don’t see how you could have a SSN on a birth certificate, as others have stated above. You don’t have one yet when the original is created, and the birth certifying authority isn’t notified of the number assigned whenever that does happen anyway …

No. As I understand it, you are not issued a SS# at birth, you must apply for one.

Yea! Another consecutive family! My brother once read a very long article in Scientific American on why it was impossible for a family to have consecutive numbers. Lots of algorithims and very learned talk…so my brother wrote to the author to let him know he was all wet. Never heard back from the author.

They are probably in reverse order because that just happens to be the way the applications were piled up.

Mine is on there. I was born in Hawaii in 1977. My birth certificate is dated about a week after I was born.

Pretty much, we were getting ready to deploy to Germany after being stationed in Camp/Fort Drum and it was probably indicative of getting us onto their passports.

My little sister and I are consecutive too. I thought that was normal for back in the day.

Geek Mecha, really? Your Social Security Number is definitely printed on your Hawaii birth certificate? Maybe Miss Mean Thang is Hawaiian (as well as mean).

Yeah, but we know from the Obama scandal that there’s no such thing as a genuine Hawaiian birth certificate, anyway.

Not only does my “Certificate of Live Birth” not have a SS#, but the replacement one I had to get 5 months ago doesn’t, either. Nor does my husband’s or either of my kids’.

The woman at ADP needs a punch in the tits. I was born in England, so obviously my answer won’t help, but just for you I pulled my wife’s birth certificate out (New York, 1982) and it doesn’t have any numbers on it except a “local registration number” and dates.

This Hawaiian one (1963) also doesn’t. Doesn’t even have a space for it, in fact.