I've seen fire and I've seen rain 2

I’ll be home for Christmas
If only in my dreams.

Stars shining bright above you
Night breezes seem to whisper, I love you
Birds singin’ in the sycamore tree
Dream a little dream of me

Back home again in Indiana and it seems that I can see
The shining candlelight still burning bright through the sycamores for me.

I eat dinner at the kitchen table
By the light that switches on
I eat leftovers with mash potatoes
No more candlelight, no more romance
No more small talk when the hunger’s gone

My girlfriend’s over but I sent her away
'cause she almost knocked the supper off my TV tray

Bring a loada’
RC Cola
TV Dinner
A plate of Twinkies
It takes a pink burrito
For to keep me clean
(For to keep me clean)

TV dinners
I’m feelin’ kinda rough
TV dinners
This one’s kinda tough
I like the enchiladas
And the teriyaki too
I even like the chicken
If the sauce is not too blue

I’m afraid someday they’ll find me
Just stretched out on my bed
With a handful of Pringles Potato Chips
And a Ding Dong by my head

Ding-dong, the witch is dead! Which old witch? The wicked witch!
Ding-dong, the wicked witch is dead
Wake up, you sleepy head, rub your eyes, get out of bed
Wake up, the wicked witch is dead!

Then the sheriff said boy I gonna watch you die got 19 minutes to go
So I laughed in his face and I spit in his eye got 18 minutes to go
Now here comes the preacher for to save my soul with 13 minutes to go
And he’s talking) bout’ burning but I’m so cold I’ve 12 more minutes to go

Crawl, crawl, clock on the wall,
Eternity is shorter
Than waiting for an errant love
An hour and a quarter.

I’ve just got to get a message to her
Hold on, hold on.
One more hour and my life will be through,
Hold on.

I’ve Gotta Get a Message to You – the Bee Gees

Hold on tight to your dream
Hey, hold on tight to your dream
When you see your ship go sailing
When you feel your heart is breaking
Hold on tight to your dream

Don’t dream it,
Be it.

In my nightmare you forgive me
The cruelest gift you could ever give me
You say that you understand me now
But your eyes say, brother, I’ll get you somehow
Then the lightning streaks across the room
You smell like something fresh from the tomb
You squeeze too hard, you insist on kissing
When it seems like half your face is missing
And your hair’s turned into reptiles hissing

And I can’t wake up to save my life

Welcome to my nightmare
I think you’re gonna like it
I think you’re gonna feel like you belong
A nocturnal vacation
Unnecessary sedation
You want to feel at home 'cause you belong

Cause you belong to the city
You belong to the night
Living in a river of darkness
Beneath the neon light
You were born in the city
Concrete under your feet
It’s in your moves
It’s in your blood
You’re a man of the street

Oh, if you lose your one and only
There’s always room here for the lonely
To watch your broken dreams
Dance in and out of the beams
Of a neon moon.


I’m chasin’ that neon rainbow,
I’m livin’ that honkytonk dream

Just a small-town girl
Livin’ in a lonely world
She took the midnight train goin’ anywhere

Just a city boy
Born and raised in South Detroit
He took the midnight train goin’ anywhere

He’s leaving (leaving)
On that midnight train to Georgia (leaving on a midnight train)
Hmm, yeah
Said he’s going back (going back to find)
To a simpler place and time (and when he takes that ride)
Oh yes, he is (guess who’s gonna sit right by his side)