Jay Leno: After 22 Years, Final "Tonight" Show is Tonight

I have no idea what this means.

I’ve always tried to catch Jay’s Monday night *Headlines *segments. Other than that, I haven’t been a huge fan of any late night host since JC.

Here’s a kick: According to Wikipedia, even though Johnny was the tonight show host for 30 years and Jay for only 22, Jay hosted 4,610 episodes and Johnny only did 4,531. But then Johnny was known for taking a lot of time off. Jay’s had reruns, but he’s never had a guest host.

Is that something like Han Solo in carbonite?

Exactly. Johnny Carson hosted a show back when there were three networks. And for a huge percentage of his tenure, he had no competition.

I can’t speak to the CaPITALIZATION of CaRSON, but GOAT is Greatest of All Time.

Me? I prefer Jack Paar’s Tonight Show.

Didn’t see that one. Somehow, it…I guess you had to have been there.

For some reason Leno was a lot better as a guest than as a host. I saw him be a guest on Kimmel’s show and he was a riot. He used to be a recurring guest on Letterman, where he was kind of like Lewis Black on The Daily Show. Leno would come on and rant and rave about something and it was hysterical. Leno’s stand up act was golden too. I just always liked Dave better. Jay wasn’t bad. Heck, he was no. 1 in the ratings and that’s what counts. He’ll still be around somewhere on TV I suspect.

Not to start a tangent, but: if you run the network he’s on, or advertise on it, sure, that’s what counts. Otherwise it doesn’t count for much of anything.

Furthermore, I’m 35 and I remember CaRSON. He hosted up through 1992; I was 14 or so then.

From a ratings standpoint, I think NBC is foolish to let Leno go. The late night audience is aging, they apparently like Jay, he wants to keep going… I don’t see how Fallon is going to replicate that.

Maybe any old folks Fallon loses will be made up for by slightly younger folks.

I won’t be watching Leno’s last show, but I’ll watch Fallon’s first. I’ve never actually seen Fallon’s current show in it’s entirety - just bits here and there on Youtube - but still, I’m glad Leno’s done. He can go tend to his incredible classic car and motorcycle collection. Hell, with what he’s got, that’s a full-time job anyway.

Maybe, but I doubt it. It didn’t happen with Conan, and I think he has/had a more passionate following than Fallon does.

That said, I’ve read that Fallon is going to do his “Tonight Show” from New York, which I think is a smart move. That’s not a comment on NY vs. LA, but just that it may indicate that Fallon is going to do the show his way, rather than try to fit it into the mold left by his predecessor. I think that was a trap Conan fell into and which may have been his undoing.

Maybe. It leaves a gap on the west coast that someone could fill. It’s not like there is a shortage of show biz folk on that side of the country.

Good riddance.

I still remember him dancing on the graves of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman for over a year’s worth of monologues. I hope that workaholic dick hates retirement.

Dunno how the capitalization got fubared but yeah, GOAT=Greatest Of All Time.

Yeah, I remember really looking forward to Leno’s appearances on Letterman. He did the angry young comic to perfection.

I guess I stopped watching him when Jimmy Kimmel got his show. Kimmel’s stuff just seemed funnier, although at my age, I’m in Leno’s demographic.

They’ll flip for his Jim Morrison impression. It’s really, really good.

I’m also younger than you and remember Johnny Carson. He was the best.

I’m 36 and I have many fond memories of watching the Johnny Carson Show (as we used to call it).

I guess my parents were a little more lax about my bedtime than yours were. :smiley:

And yeah, Carson is king. Leno has never been anything but a pale imitation.

The interesting thing is, even though he hasn’t won the ratings war, I expect the Best of Letterman 3 dvd set would have plenty of classic moments. And will ultimately sell very well.

Leno is dull as dull gets. How he has managed to hang on this long is beyond me.