Jessica Lynch, you disappoint me...

She didnt need to be “rescued” - 3 squaddies could have walked in calmly and taken her away without all the shakey camera / shouting / running down stairs bollox. Maybe it was no-one would have to say “hey thanks for looking after her guys”.

Ooo, here we are 6 months later - same story.
As for writing a book - bet its a best seller ( in USA ) Come on… Americans love all this heros and villians bull.

These simple folk wouldn’t know better anyway.

Excuse me? “Simple folk”?

[SARCASM]Newsflash. We have running water here. Even indoor toilets! Oh yes … we know how to read, too! Some of us even read books from time to time!!! We also wear shoes from time to time.[/SARCASM]

We can do without the stereotypes, thanks.

SnoopyFan, it is not possible to stereotype bubbas, hill folk, or anybody living in those areas. Have you not learned that? Every single negative statement made about West Virginians, Hoosiers, Georgians, et al, are automatically 100% TRUE without verification. It’s their race, you know. They’re racially inferior.

Oh ok so they are sophisticated folks because they have running water and toilets… and then they ON PURPOSE gave the poor muslim ham sandwiches during Ramadan ?

Simple doesn’t mean stupid you know ?

Rashak: Did they hand the “poor Muslim man” a ham sandwich? Was ham the only option on the menu? Did they forcefeed him during daylight?

I just “accused” them of being simple… not stupid or malicious.