Jesus H Christ

I know this was a topic befor but I cant find it. What does the H stand for in Jesus H Christ?

I can’t find it either, but I seem to recall that Cecil couldn’t really answer this question, and just guessed that it sounded good.

Personally I preferred the response a TM came back with - it stands for Hallmark, because God cared enough to send the very best.

My favorite was “Haploid”

If I had make a bet, I’d say H stands for “hell”.

My 4-year-old is in his cursing phase… Every once in a while I hear interesting variations of “Jesus {Goddamned | Godf@cking | Motherf@cking | F@cking } Christ.”

(I try to discourage it, but he really sounds so cute when he says it :slight_smile:

My friends and I always say Herald.

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The H is for Harold, as in:

“Our Father, who art in Heaven, Harold be thy name.” :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hark! Old Harold’s Angels Sing?

A hat with bells on is not funny, it is the jester underneath.

The “H” is for Howard (…Howard be thy name…), Harold is the angel’s name (…Hark, the Harold Angel sings…).

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In my humble opinion this “H” was added in simpler times when people used words like darn and heck and shoot instead of the real shocking swear words. If someone was overcome by excitement enough to exclaim “Jesus Christ” they got in the habit of saying “Jesus H Christ”. If they were then overheard committing blasphemy there is a chance the person overhearing might be deceived by the addition of the H. By adding some sounds - “ay” “ch” - that aren’t in “Jesus Christ” the exclamation is made less distinctive.

Believe that’s what you were looking for:

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The hyphen says it all…

Yeah… nothing is cuter then when a 4 year old exclaims “Jesus Godf@cking Christ woman could I get some breakfast here!!!”. NOTHING!


ahhh… the state of the world today.

My dad, the good church-going man that he was, would say “Jesus H. Christ on a crutch!” when he was really mad - it just appalled my mom so. (That was the whole point of saying it!)

The “H” stands for “Howard”. My dad would add the middle name when he really wanted to upset my mom. :wink:

I was raised to never curse using Jesus’ name (despite the example my dad gave me!) and I never have said “Jeesus!” It makes me squirm a little when I hear it. But - thanks to dad, I do know what the “H” stands for!

When were these simpler times, when people didn’t swear, exactly?

People have always sworn… they just havent always thought it was cute when there 4 year old lets out with a string of swear words.

I’d say no more do now then ever did.

Frankly (and more seriously…), I thought that it came, albeit somewhat “indirectly” :), from the Latin “Iesus Hominorum Salvator”. Which could be more or less litterally translated by “Jesus, Saviour of Mankind”.

Either that or Howard.

Maybe it stands for ‘hasbeen’. Check it out comes January 1?


Doesn’t it stand for “Holy”?

I thought Tommy Lee Jones settled this for us in Natural Born Killers. He exclaims with much vigor that it is indeed “Harold”.

What was the date on Cecil’s column? I’da sworn I posted that INRI thing on here somewheres. Any way the H does stand for HENRY. Cece is operating under the misconception that it is from folks using INRH ( king of Hebrews) instead of the actual INRI ( king of Jews). Neither is correct it is for Henry, the roman soldier that made the sign was a Cockney from Londinium.

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