Joey Chestnut not competing at 2024 Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest

The “Deep Dish” guy I mentioned up above won the men’s race. It’s making the news in Chicago in a “local boy does good” kind of way.

More news!

Is nothing sacred!?!?

How the hell do you cheat at a live contest, surrounded by witnesses, while performing a fairly straightforward action? (Open mouth, insert food. Swallow, repeat.)

Sleight of hand. He moved an empty plate onto his pile.

A literal hollow leg?

According to the article he was accused of cheating by two “anonymous sources”, and when the league investigated and looked at all the video they didn’t see evidence of cheating. Even if the additional plate was added, raising his score by 5 hot dogs, he would still have 4th place.

It looks like a non-story to me, honestly.

I wonder how this will affect his Major League Eating ranking. Patrick Bertoletti moved up from #9 all the way up to #2 (right under Joey Chestnut) after his victory.

I bet this scandal keeps him out of the HoF.

Well, I mean, you know, we’re talking about a hot dog eating contest.

Next thing you know, someone will be dunking the buns in acid so there is less bun, or surgically expanding their palate, or bribing the baker to make some of the buns thinner.

I mean, it is hot dog eating.

Even within that context.


It’s incredibly depressing to me that more Dopers know Joey Chestnut than Courtney Dauwalter or Jim Walmsley.

Why? Because they can also eat lots of hot dogs?

While we’re on the subject, I’m bent out of shape that no one knows who Rory Gallagher was.
I could really go for a dog right now. Mustard, black pepper and onions.

Gallagher wasn’t really a hotdog guy, his thing was more watermelon based.

Granted, it’s still picnic themed, so I’ll allow it.

I know who they are. :slight_smile:

Then you understand why I think their accomplishments are much more impressive than someone guy who can shove a crap ton of hot dogs into his stomach in five minutes.

I guess if nobody’s ever heard of him we can’t be blamed.

Lots of things are more impressive. That doesn’t make them more entertaining.