John Boehner vows to repeal Obamacare. Will he and the repubs succeed?

Aren’t there appropriation issues that the Republicans can–and doubtless will–block to prevent the bill from being fully implemented? I will save other comments for different forums.

The filibuster doesn’t work that way anymore.

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I’d just make them go back to the old days when the filibustering Senator had to hold the floor continuously, even if it meant reading from the phone book verbatim and getting a catheter inserted. No more “two-track system” either; once a filibuster is in process the Senate can do nothing else.

For good measure I’d also require all broadcast networks (or at least affilates in the Senator’s home state) to prempt their regular programing to broadcast live from the Senate, and not allow any other Senators in the chamber to leave while it’s in progress (even for food, potty breaks, or medical emegencies) without their votes be void.

Would the Senate even need to let it come to a vote?

The fate of the filibuster will never be resolved on the basis of progressive or conservative principles. It will be determined by cold, hard political calculus, and I don’t see either party giving it up any time soon.

Take a look at Boehner’s expression and you tell me.

I don’t think they’d be required to vote on it, but there’s no way it would pass in any event.

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That’s never been the case, at least going back to before the Civil War. By “old days”, you really mean “something I saw in a movie or on TV that one time”.

Strom Thurmond and the catheter? That was a publicity stunt. At no point in the 20th century was such a tactic necessary to maintain a filibuster, Capra movies notwithstanding. And you have to admit it worked. Even if it wasn’t actually necessary, we’re still talking about it 50 years later.

I heard that same filibuster story (continuous reading and a catheter) while visiting the Texas State Capitol building in Austin about a year ago form the tour guide.

I suspect conservatives will not have the power to repeal the ACA outright any time soon, so will try to pick off parts of it a bit at a time. By the time they have the power to actually eliminate the whole thing, the programs will be fairly well entrenched and by then, folks won’t want to give up their ability to cover kids or have no co-pay, etc.,. so the conservatives will not be able to eliminate the program parts then due to public popularity.

But don’t the polls show that when asked about individual parts of the act the only thing the public doesn’t like is the penalty? (Which means that people are upset that the government is coercing them to buy something they want to buy.)

I think it should be kept for Democrats only and repealed for Republicans. Its obvious that Dems wouldn’t abuse its use. Now simply the threatened use of it by the Reps makes every bill a de facto 60 vote issue. For all the crying the right wing likes to do whenever Dems use it, there are 10 instances of much more egregious uses of it by the Reps. And don’t try to turn this into some other argument about the Dems needed to grow a spine and actually call the Reps bluff, its irrelevant. The point is that its being overused and it should stop

The term “shit a brick” comes to mind…:smiley: