John Kerry did nothing for 40 minutes on September 11th.

By Mr. Moto’s logic, since I did more than sitting around(*) on the morning of the September 11 attacks, that makes me more qualified than both George W. Bush and John Kerry to be POTUS.

I’ll be expecting my confirmation to be announced on monday morning, thanks. :slight_smile: That’ll thwart Diebold for sure! :wink:

(* = I was driving to work, actually. But I managed to follow the news, analyze the repercussions, and not get into an accident, which demonstrates my ability to multitask during a crisis. :smiley: )

Oddly, really don’t like Glenn Close. Its the chin, I think, reminds me too much of Fearless Fosdicks squeeze, Prudence Pimpledon.

Thought friend Moto was pulling an Onion, bit of the droll Republican pre-Modernist irony.

I hardly know what worthy thing Kerry might have done, short of a preliminary investigation into procedures relevent to impeachment.

I hope you don’t really think that that’s the case, do you? I can guarantee that the General in charge of United States airspace has the ability to shoot down targets on his own hook if he sees an attack happening. Unfortunately, nobody knew that an attack was happening until the second tower was hit, and even after that the guy with his finger literally on the button wasn’t able to react. And that guy was not Bush.

Good lord, you mean he didn’t present a mation to call a session to form a subcommitee to consider a bill to condemn the attacks?!?!?! What kind of kangaroo congress have we got!?!?!

Boy, it sure is worrying that the Constitution makes the junior senator from Massachussets commander in chief of the armed forces, and head of federal law enforcement. Oh, wait…

(It must be embarassing to a conservative, when he needs a liberal to explain to him how the Commander-in-Chief of our nation’s military has a different job than a Senator!)

Well, how about you share some of these tales of dashing heroism and decisive action then? (And these decisions you’ve personally witnessed - how would you compare them to Bush’s deer-in-the-headlights act we all saw in that classroom?

After all, it seems like you want to present yourself as someone expertly qualified to comment on what Kerry should have been doing with himself that morning.

Though honestly I don’t know how you can sit there with a straight face and try and sell us the notion that you know exactly WHAT he was doing, minute-by-minute, what calls were made to who etc., based entirely on what’s really only about a 20 word soundbite you pulled from an entire - what? hour-long? interview.

Has Karl Rove really gotten this desperate or is he saving his good material for October?

Who… You people might look at this reveiling OP differently but to me its clarity comes as a mental shock.
Because you see, reading this and looking at my own reaction at the time puts all things in the right frame and perspective.
This explains everything that is ever said and written about all of it being the fault of the Muslims on this globe and that we all should apologize and be on our knees for eternity.
Add to this that this great OP explains finally why it is my personal fault as a Muslim that there still are terrorists claiming to be Muslim and as such claiming to be inspried by God.

Let’s see…
I heard about the first plane hitting the WTC and then I did nothing but following (at first) CNN coverage while trying to find out about a friend of mine who I thought could be at the very location. (He was. He did not survive).
I hence did nothing but watching TV coverage on a variety of stations and actually it took me a not longer then a few calls to have confirmation about my friend in the WTC.
This can explain why I did not undertake any immediate action to try to stop supposed terrorists from being suppozed terrorist for over 40 minutes. It is not a good enough excuse though.
Whatever I did afterwards in a variety of ways does not count, because my reaction that first hour could have made all the difference in the world today and even in the whole world.

I’m sure Mr. Kerry sees it exactly the same way. He should have undertaken immediate action and we would have a whole different situation today in the USA.

Especially if he would have been where GW Bush was and could have told him: “Mr. President, don’t you know that you are the president of this country and that this implies that you should at least have some reaction on this shocking news?”
Maybe Mr. Kerry could have said: " Listen, go do now what you are supposed to do as president of this nation and let me read about sheeps and goats to the children. They won’t notice the difference, but the country shall take notice’. (He could have added: the world shall take notice, but that would have been to much for GW Bush to understand or if he did understand, to find of any notable importance.)
Salaam. A

Christ, how pathetic. How long before they start defending Bush’s inaction by telling us that Clinton also didn’t do anything for so-and-so minutes that morning…

It’s my understanding that the rules were different for shooting down a commercial US airliner with American civilians aboard. It was not just an “enemy” aircraft, it was more complicated than that. No one in the military had specific instructions on what to do in this case and only the POTUS could have authorized shooting it down. In fact, it’s my understanding that Bush DID give instructions to shoot down any more hijacked planes once he finally pulled his head out of his ass (or more likely, somebody i]told* him to authorize it).

Actually that video was known long before Moore probably ever thought of promoting it in his movie.

What I would like to know is the Bush timeline of what he did minute by minute after he left the classroom. There are stories Bush did not immediately leave the school for Air Force One but chewed the fat and glad handed with folks for another 30 minutes. If that be the case, what is the commander in chief doing for 40 minutes while his country is under attack? Whatever Kerry did as an ordinary senator for 40 minute is not only irrelevant but totally insignificant.

What a sorry excuse for a debate. As noted before, Kerry is a Senator, not the Commander in Chief. Kerry represents 1/100 of 1/2 of 1/3 of the government, or 1/600. Bush represents 1/3 of the government, or has 200 times the responsibility of Kerry. Bush sitting idle for 7 minutes is equivalent to Kerry having 1400 minutes of idleness. Since he is only being accused of 40 minutes, he still is 35 times better than Bush.

Does someone have a cite for this supposed quote of what was whispered to President Bush? I thought the moment depicted on film was shortly after the first plane hit. At that point, nobody knew we were under attack, and I sincerely doubt that was what was said to Bush.

The 7 minutes in the movie were after the second plane hit. The first plane hit before Bush entered the classroom.

From Moore’s list of cites:
“At 9:05 a.m., the White House chief of staff, Andrew H. Card Jr., stepped into the classroom and whispered into the president’s right ear, ‘A second plane hit the other tower, and America’s under attack.’” David E. Sanger and Don Van Natta Jr., “After The Attacks: The Events; In Four Days, A National Crisis Changes Bush’s Presidency,” The New York Times, September 16, 2001

How about the 9/11 Commission Report, page 38:

Bolding and italicizing of quote is mine.

And can I just point out that the 7 minute thing was the time he was still in the classroom. He spent additional minutes HAVING HIS PICTURE TAKEN and generallly futzing around.**More[/B than 7 minutes in which he didn’t bother to ask…“Er…who attacked us?” Or anything else.

My goodness. If the Bush people are really trying to use this 40 minute thing against Kerry, talk about shooting yourself in the foot. If a senator, who can’t actually do anything, was supposed to spring into action immediatly, all the more that the President fell down as President when he didn’t.

I… umm… Bush… er… Kerry…What…?

You’re kidding, right?

Yeah, it sure does. Oh wait… no it doesn’t! In fact, there’s not even a thread of a connection betwen the two situations.

What are you trying to say here? Either it went clear over my head (can someone explain it to me?) or it just doesn’t make any sense.

But… didn’t you just say:

At the most basic of levels, it should be understood that everyone was a bit shell shocked during the events of 9/11. Thankfully, however, not everyone is responsible for taking action during catastrophic events. We actually have a leader who will make the decisions for the people he represents. ahem Did I say “will”? I meant “should”.


I get it. The Democrats want to have their cake, eat it too, AND smash it in Bush’s face.

CRAZY DEMOCRAT: “Bush is bad, because he just sat arond for seven minutes doing nothing!”
CRAZY REPUBLICAN: “Kerry sat around for forty minutes doing nothing.”
CRAZY DEMOCRAT!: “Fuck you! Fuck you and the tax break you rode in on! Kerry wasn’t President, he’s INVINCIBLE! How dare you criticize him?!? What, I thought those seven minutes didn’t mean anything!”
CRAZY REPUBLICAN: “They don’t. That’s why it doesn’t mean anything when Kerry did it, either. However, if you’re going to make one argument, you’re a hypocrite to not make the other.”
CRAZY DEMOCRAT: “La la, Bush is Hitler, Bush is Hitler! La la, can’t hear you!”

Wow, the OP posted again and said the same thing, except his name was SPOOFE this time…

Well, I don’t think Bush = Hitler, but if I had to pick a person who should have been doing something that morning, I think the greatest expectations are for the guy with the “Commander In Chief” after his name. Why would I expect to see 100 senators rushing around like chickens “doing” things? I have no expectations that my Congressmen were doing anything other than getting the hell out of Dodge. Kerry, and for that matter all the other Senators, get a pass. George…not so much.

Geez, already! What was he supposed to do? What do you want him to have done? Called up his Shadow Air Force on his Shadow Emergency Frequency and had his Shadow Jets intercept Flight 93? Kerry had no power to do anything on 9/11. Bush did! Kerry, like all the members of Congress, pretty much gets a pass on this one because it was a situation in which Congress had no immediate power. Congress’s opportunity for action would come when the president asked for permission or funding to do something about what happened. That’s when Kerry is supposed to act.

I can’t help it that your guy had the responsibility and dropped the ball. The problem with your guy trying to reverse it is that our guy DIDN’T have the responsibility in that situation.