Just call me Mr Mom...

As detailed in this thread a while back there have been some significant disagreements between myself (Circulation, marketing and technology guru) and my owners over the last year…

Can you see where this is going?

By mutual (sort of) agreement we parted ways last week. I’m on the bricks again.

Fortunately, I’d been in deep discussions with three venture cap firms about backing a new-media publishing firm with some other editorial pals of mine. We’d be taking advantage of the lower Cost of Living here in rural Ohio to undercut the cost of some established firms. Heh heh heh.

So instead of looking for another gig right away Lady Chance tells me I should work on getting backing for the next several months to see if we can make it come to fruition.

Of course, she tells me, there will be some ‘changes’ made.

Hello to me, Mr Mom! I’m doing dishes and laundry for the house now, previously tasks reserved for you-know-who. I keep my previous duties of all around fixit man, cook and outside work.

Hmm. Better not mix reds and whites, eh?

Sorry to hear you are “on the bricks”. Luck in getting backing!

Thanks, buddy!

Kewl! All the more time to keep an eye on the Dope!

I got fired once, and it sucked massively, but it all worked out for the best in the end. Thank god for your supportive and a chance to spend some quality time with the little ones.

Good thoughts, best wishes, and powerful luck vibes headed your way!

I try not to obsess about errors when my meaning is clear – but the word “wife” is missing between the words “supportive” and “and” in the above post.

JC, based on your email this weekend I was a bit concerned for you, but it sounds as if you have it together. Hope you can afford to stay on the “Daddy track” until such time as your venture comes through. Might not hurt to keep an open eye for other possibilities as well.
Does this mean we’ll get earlier adjudications in Heartspark now?


Enjoy your vacation and good luck JC.

I know you’ll be just fine. Enjoy those sweet girls.

You’re not on the bricks. You can make your new project happen, and it requires a lot of your dedication right now. This is a good thing. Don’t let the opportunity pass.

Yep, that’s my take (and, thankfully, Lady Chance’s). My full-time job is arranging financing for this venture. Did you get that email I sent, Bill?

Met yesterday with a lawyer who reps some of the rich (such as they are) locals who invest. This area doesn’t have enough money to finance the whole thing but they could get me through my first round.

The big problem (as he defined it) is convincing these rural oldguys that investing in technology is worthwhile in and of itself.