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That right there is more than worth the subscription price. Welcome.

I believe Tuar is talking about buying a second Dance Dance Revolution pad.

A second pad will either A) allow a second person to join in with you, or b) give you a double-sized dance platform. Either way, you are not really adding a significant amount of play time to the game (unless you’ve absolutely mastered single-pad mode, and are looking for a new challenge).

Adjust pricing to as you see fit.

Because we need more Torontonians, that’s why! So we can trade favourite restaurant tips and things.

I know. Not very convincing. Sign up anyway.

Wow, you people are actually quite convincing.

Here’s something that’ll determine how much actual advice I’ll be able to get out of this: How many people here are career scientists? And, on an unrelated note, how many have a Nation State going on over at www.nationstates.net?

Not a scientist, but I seem to be raising at least one, maybe two.

I have a nation going, which I am currently converting from an Inoffensive *Centrist Democracy * to Something Truly Apalling.

If you don’t join we will have to fight your ignorance in a much more personal way.

Think baseball bats and sandpaper.

Career scientists I honestly don’t know for sure, since I’m not the GQ (in any sense) denizen others are. Do you count doctors (one in GP, his wife’s a vet, another doctor works in a prison)? We’ve also got a guy with (I think) a PhD in Psych who posts here (his wife works in the publishing industry, if memory serves, but does not post here). We have another here who is a higher-up at a bird magazine, and while he isn’t a scientist he’s certainly working in at least a tangentially related field.

We also have one among us who has done work with (someone correct me if I’m wrong here) SARS, at least one other who is a geneticist, one who is doing graduate work in physics and one who is doing graduate work in math (yet another already has his PhD in math, though what specific form I have since forgotten). Another heads to start graduate school in linguistics before terribly long. Several of our members are extremely well-armed for computer science discussions as well. You’ll find each of these specifically-mentioned people posting not infrequently - some much more frequently than others.

Nationstates members.

Price must have gone up , my subscription was bout 7 or 8 bucks CA.

But I would do it , cause thats 20 bones that McSquinty wont get.

Well, not me of course ,but you are personally networking with some of the smartest people on the continent, and the rest of the known world. Take a look at the cries for help in the GQ section regarding computers , the tragedy and sorrow , the utter helplessness,as the only people that some people can relate personal tragedies , in the IHMO or MPSIMS section.

Rail against the world , in the Pit , making your voice heard. You may not enrich someones life ,but you may be the shoulder thats cried on , the solution to a vexing problem, the creator of the warp drive , or simply passing on a resume to get someone back employed.

If you wanna be part of a community , you could do worse than here.

C’mon , become a doper of one


If all else fails, there is a Pay my subscription thread, where current members donate memberships to those who can’t pay for whatever reason.

Adding to 'punha’s list, I know of at least one astronomer who keeps us up on really cool celestial stuff, one who works at NASA, a geologist, an oil-exploration guy (certainly geology with some extra spiffy scientific stuff), several anthropologists and boocundle engineers.
Along with all us other assorted information maniacs of widely varying stripes. In all honesty the folks here have exposed me to a dizzying array of fascinating stuff I never even knew existed, from sciences to classic movies to purely mundane stuff. It’s a great smorgasbord.
Oh give in, Tuar. You know you want to. Do yourself a favor.
And save a puppy.*

*Those big, trusting innocent eyes; those soft paws and funny little squashed nose.

  1. I like your membername.

  2. You do not need to like mine.

That should be sufficient already.
There is however more to it then you might think…


*Oh well… go to GD and discover the exquisite danger of having the pleasure to confront my overheated extremely harmless completely innocent presence… (There are also some unique contributions to this to discover in the BBQ-thing-Pit. To find the best of it you need of course the search function or call for help) *

Salaam. A
Arabized version of Robin Hood

What? The Tigers of GD don’t eat visiting kittens…

You should not be afraid of anything… Fear only exists in your dreams.
They didn’t even manage to exterminate me. OK, I admit I was recognized as the Mad Arab disguised as a Kings Cobra from the very first post I made there, which could have played a role in their defeat.

With your membername and impressive joining date and then admitting you shiver before them, all the Tigers shall bow to give you a welcoming lick, while loudly purring of sheer joy that someone - at last - humbly recognizes their superiority in bloody debate.

Salaam. A

Wow. I had no idea I had an impressive joining date. Sounds kind of…kinky, but fun. Add in all that licking and Great Debates is sounding a bit less dry. Who knew there were Tigers in there?