Kate Bush

What’s old Kate up to these days?

She had a son (Bertie) a couple of years ago, and is working on a new album. (Working on a new album - isn’t that always the case?) She’ll never tour again.

I still worship her.

Check out Gaffaweb for all the latest KaTeNews. :slight_smile:

Sigh, Babuska.

No, that site’s good for archive stuff, but for current information, this site is where to go.

I worship her too.

Hmm… looks like this could be a good place to found the Church of Kate Bush. Move over, L. Ron.

Yes, Kate is God.

The Dreaming proved it. Play it LOUD

And while you’re at it, get a copy of The Kick Inside and send it to Mariah Carey. That way she’ll learn how to handle a multi-octave voice without killing half the dogs in the neighborhood.

She has an amazing voice, like nothing I’ve ever heard before. I suspect that Mariah Carey’s voice is enhanced in the studio to reach those high notes. I also worship Kate, btw, plus she’s pretty foxy (at least she was in the 80s!).

“the kick inside” was the first album i ever had, and is still played regularly on my ancient turntable!! even though its a bit dogeared now…i remember, as a wee 1, being blown away with the first two tracks…the first example of mixing i had ever heard!!way back in 1980
she immediately became my guru!! not just for her magical music, and bohemian style, but for the fact that we both had big hair!!
because of this uncanny resemblance, i was henceforth known as The Bush at school!! i was so proud!!!
.never liked “man with the child in his eyes” tho…anyone else agree or disagree?
btw Mr Blue Sky got it right re Mariah Carey…she’s painful

Oh, Katie.

The Whole Story is one my “Definitive High School Albums.” You know, the ones you played to death every time you got in the car; every song fraught with memory. That kind of significance. I remember driving the record-shop guy nearest my college campus completely insane while we were waiting for The Red Shoes to come out. “Is it in? Have you heard anything? How about now?”

My best mondegreen ever came from “Wuthering Heights.” Never having read the book, I had no idea what the names of the characters were beyond Heathcliff and Cathy…so when I heard about Roland, I took it in stride. You know, Roland? Like it says:

Heh. Still cracks me up.

Can’t wait for the new one, which AFAIK has neither title nor ETA.

In the mean time, I think I’m going to go play The Dreaming. Loud. And then I think Hounds of Love…

What about the visual delights of Kate Bush Live at the Hammersmith Odeon with the 1979 model Kate.

Oh, please, praising Kate Bush by denigrating Mariah Carey reminds me of those guys who say, “It is not enough for me to win. Others must lose.”


9th wave (side 2 of Hounds) remains my favourite place in the Kate Bush music continuum.

‘Red shoes’ is a fave disc with mr & mrs gorillacus. It’s good background for…you know…

Had a giant (6feet by 6 feet) poster of the cover of ‘The Whole Story’. Back in my ‘batchelor’ days I attached it to the ceiling of my bedroom over my bed <blush> so I could wake up with Kate’s serene and pouty presence gazing upon me.

One night it came loose and feel on me as i slept. In the sudden panic that ensued i destroyed the poster…

I never told my wife this…

Don’t hate me, just mock me.

Mariah has plenty of fans in her own right, but her voice has been compared to Kate’s on one or two occasions. There IS no comparison. Just because you can hit that many notes doesn’t mean you should. At least in every song.

I’ve always liked Lionheart.

Well, she was running up that hill while being chased by the hounds of love. She tripped and fell under the ivy, unconcious. While her mother stood by for comfort, she was in the fog, and dreaming of sheep. The morning fog woke the witch, and she danced the jig of life. She’ll tell you that it’s all a big stripey lie (and so is love), but, wow, she loves the red shoes. These days, she’s on top of the city. I’m still waiting, but I fear the little babooshka will never be mine.