Katie Perry

I watch American Idol only during the tryout sessions. The rest of the show is worthless IMO, but the humor value in the tryouts are worth their weight in electrons.

But, when Katy came on the show to be the guest judge, my ability to pay attention to anything else was completely removed. I generally don’t comment on how awestruck I am at a woman’s appearance directly to my wife, but I’m sure I did at least a dozen times that hour… and thought it at least 4 dozen more!

IMO, the most beautiful woman I’ve seen in a very long time. Not every part is perfect, but it comes together very perfectly.

I’d like to top her, if you know what I mean…

Katie Perry is smoking hot, even if half of her songs are ridiculous.

She don’t look bad from the hands up, either.

This is the third thread theman_31 has opened this week that had a link to the same blog. He’s obviously trying to get more readers, so I’ve banned him and removed those links.

For some “curves” means chesty with a firm rump, not pancake tits, a big ass and fullback thighs.

Agreed, she’s beautiful.

You mean someone posting links to a blog known as “Rack of the Day” wasn’t on the level? I for one am shocked.

Gotta admit though, the man was performing a nice public service.

Well, also that pic of Beyonce is photoshopped to the n’th degree.

I mean I think Beyonce looks perfectly fine in this pic, but these thighs ain’t those thighs, ya know what I mean?

Whatever. Either one is more than fine by me.

She’s awfully cute, I’ll give ya that. Not a big fan of her music, but she doesn’t need to sing for me…


Oh, God, yes. See also, Lily Allen.

So… you’re saying Katy Perry is… top-less?


Nothing to add, but this makeup guy has perhaps the greatest job in the history of the Universe.