Katy Perry -- predict her future

Katy was pretty good as a guest judge during the audition rounds of American Idol last year. She had some fun banter with the other judges–especially Simon–and was reasonably critical of the auditioners. I would have liked to see her take Kara’s place.

I don’t care for her music at all, but I’ll tune in to see her as a guest on talk shows and such because she seems to have a good head on her shoulders and I think she’s hot as hell.

As has already been pointed out, it’s too late for that.

As for me: can’t stand her, think she’s hot. It’s Nigella Lawson all over again!

I don’t understand the attraction - she’s pretty enough but too OTT to be genuinely sexy, and her music is instantly forgettable. It’s like what you would get if you crossed Lily Allen and Lady Gaga. Also, the faux-lesbian vibe in I Kissed a Girl was done better by Jill Sobule about a decade earlier.

I honestly don’t understand the attraction of Russell Brand, especially to women. He’s ugly, insane, unkempt, unfunny and rude. Either he’s really charming in private or he’s good at finding the same women who find Pete Doherty sexy. To be fair I haven’t seen any of the films he’s been in but I hear he’s pretty good in them.

I had no idea that she started as a Christian Singer. Hmmm.

I also know she is engaged to Russell Brand, but I have no idea why he is famous. I refuse to google and he hasn’t come up on my radar at all since I’ve heard the name Russell Brand.
BOT, I like her stuff. She is isn’t a brilliant vocalist, but she markets herself fantastically and is very, very pretty. Her tunes are feckin’ catchy.

I think GaGa will be around longer, but Perry will make it as well.

Naw, she’s “just going through a rebellious phase but she knows Jesus loves her & deep down, she still loves Jesus- she’ll be back.” Seriously, that’s what her parents are probably thinking and a lot of Christian parents who’ve been through the same thing can sympathise.

I predict she’ll be a guest on The 700 Club by 2025, co-host by 2030.

I hate her music so, with my luck, expect to enjoy another 10 or so years of this shit (how long did the similarly ‘talented’ (and ‘attractive-as-a-random-pretty-high-school-girl-in-make-up’) last?

She’s very pretty, she has a nice voice, her songs are pop & catchy. I know the local conservative-glurg pop-FM station here (WPLJ) gushes about her & plays 3-4 of her songs nearly non-stop.
Ten years from now, they’ll play her music and remember 2010.
If she’s smart, she’ll invest well & plan for a quiet future once the show is over. I don’t think she’ll self-destruct (or BF destruct), but that just maybe wishful thinking on my part.

I’m not really a fan of her music, but she sang an acoustic version of “I Kissed a Girl” on the Howard Stern show (here it is on youtube) and I think she’s got a good voice.

I watched that Candyland California Gurlz video and thought it was one part creepy and two parts beautiful. I turned the sound off, though.

I see her as one of many in a very, very overcrowded female soloist pop market.
All of them vying for the latest pop hit and all ending up sounding very similar.
For someone not into pop music you could play Ke$ha’s Tik-Tok, Perry’s California Girl, and Miley Cyrus’s Party in the USA and swear that they were all the same artist. Then you still have the “older” stars still trying to be relevant making pop; Aguilera, Spears, Stefani, etc. as well as this weird new Lady Gaga pop genre.
In some ways it fits well with the modern way of buying music on a whim a song at a time download rather than the old way of selling complete albums.

“I’ll take Drug Fueled Burnout by 2015, Alex.”

I don’t know what it is - I like Katy Perry and think she’s talented and she even seems like a decent person, but I just can’t give her any credit for some reason. Everything she does is pretty indisctinct. She’s basically a new Pink - she’s going to score a bunch of hits but is never going to really be part of pop canon.

I used to like Katy Perry because she looked a lot like Zooey Deschanel, after that California girls video i find myself liking Zooey Deschanel because she looks like Katy Perry.

I’ve known who Katy Perry was for a while, but I honestly couldn’t hum any of her songs if you put a gun to my head. As a guy who likes guitar driven rock, I just don’t listen to anything that plays her music.

But I do know that it will be tough to get the image of her in glasses and seriously stretched Elmo shirt out of my head any time soon. Highlight of the SNL night, for me. Though the blond backup dancer on the left during Katy’s songs was smokin’ too.

I was really impressed with Russell Brand in Forgetting Sarah Marshal. It would have been easy to make Sarah’s new boyfriend some pretentious rich prick to contrast Jason Segal’s character. But Russell Brand was funny and quite charming.

I netflixed (is that a verb yet?) his standup DVD. It was rather boring.

I haven’t seen Get Him to the Greek yet, but I want to because of Brand.