Keeping Life Interesting For Others

When I was in fifth grade, 1948, one of the kids in my classroom poked his fingers into the adjustable brackets for raising school desks, and found some little pieces of paper. He pulled them out.and they were little pencil drawings of airplanes, of 1920s vintage, like Lindbergh’s plane. No way to know, if they had been there for 20-odd years, or if somebody was trying to pull a fast one, but they were of great interest to those of us who discovered and explored this little time capsule.

(Even more amazing – I just realized that I went to school only 15 years after the first solo trans-oceanic flight. That was as recent as 911 would be to a school kid today.)

Back in 1969, as a young teen, we were living in Arlington, VA but getting ready to move. I took a small metal box and loaded it with old buffalo nickles, mercury dimes, and some Indian-Head pennies. I then buried his under a concrete flag-stone on the side of the house. I then drew a treasure map and stuffed it into a knot-hole in a board in the attic. I wonder if it was ever found? I should make a trip back just to see.

I have a very old footstool, and someone wrote on the bottom, “This stool belongs to Merle J. Grindle”. We now call it the Merle J Grindle Memorial Stool.

I looked up his name on Ancestry, and found only one probable guy by this name. He died in the 1940s I believe, in the midwest.

I live in Arlington… what’s the address, and which flagstone? I’d be happy to go check. :slight_smile:

Wish I could remember! Somewhere on N. Jefferson St up by Yorktown High School area.

If I can find the address, you are free to look!

The house is at 2726 N. Harrison Street (not Jefferson street). I found it on Google Maps. The house has been extensively remodeled, but the footprint is the same. The “treasure” would be on the right side if you are looking at the front of the house, the shady, over-grown side. Second flagstone down from the top, if they are still there.

That’s a nice-looking house and yard.

Headline in paper tomorrow; Man Shot While Looking for Buried Box :eek::cool:

Seriously, be sure to ask permission first. But I would be curious if it was still there.

Not something I did, but in the spirit of the thread:

Lincoln unknowingly carried a message during the Civil War (Mashable)
Props to for finding the article.