Kerry: Bush policies "encouraging the recruitment of terrorists"

Monday, 8/2/04: Bush says he would make same decisions

There you have it, straight from No Mistake Misleader.

Beaten to the post by Elvis I see. Oh well, quotes in stereo.

There is a Gallup poll saying Bush 51 Kerry 47 Poll here

Still Bush has an easier time with the electoral college… he will lose the national vote again for sure… but in 2000 that didn’t mean much either.

If Bush loses the popular vote and wins the electoral college, I predict riots. Not insulting signage and yelling and egg-throwing that the mass media will ignore, I mean real riots. I’ll be right out there with them. Me, a grey-haired grandmother with 3 cats, I will be right there with them. I promise not to destroy any personal property.

That sort of got lost and I wanted to highlight it. You’re exactly right, and when the news comes out about the child rape/torture, the sky is the limit.
Where are all the Bush-apologists? I hear crickets from that direction.

I was reading a recent New Yorker article that quoted an Al Qaeda strategic document that says that Al Qaeda wants Bush to win in November; they figure he’s the best thing to come along to mobilize Islamic extremists in a long time.

Isn’t Bush and Co. still saying that Al Qaeda wants Kerry to win?

Bumper sticker distributed by Kentucky Republicans “Kerry is Osama’s man, and Bush is mine.”

Ad see on Drudge: “Ten of ten terrorists agree: Anybody But Bush!”

Sure, they’ll say it. And if they can’t come right out and say it, they’ll suggest it. And if not that, they’ll imply it. At the very least, insinuate.

Then there’s always “commentary”, on a phenomenon noticed, but certainly not participated in…

“Some people are saying Kerry is (generic slur on patriotism)”

If it doesn’t work, it may be the first time I’d ever seen where it didn’t work. I’d take that as a mighty hopeful sign.