Kitchen Style - What Comes After Granite/Stainless?

Engineered stone (quartz ) is more common and a better choice than granite. It’s extremely durable, stain and heat resistant, and doesn’t need to be sealed like granite. Our kitchen looks great with engineered stone, right now there’s probably nothing else I would have. I’m wondering why someone hasn’t developed a surface that a homeowner could stain or color match easily enough at whim without replacing or relaminating the whole surface. Some kind of durable paint ot tint that looks nicer than just a painted surface. I also predict glass/plastic surfaces, with a large variety of surface textures & finishes available. Maybe even changeable backlighting options.

Stainless looks gaudy to me. I expect we’ll start seeing nickel plated appliances soon. Nickel has a nice, classy/less flashy, understated appeal -especially when it’s a brushed finish.

I cast my vote for Steam-Tech (aka Steampunk).

Beleive it or not, wood is becoming quite popular as a countertop material.

Hijack: Did anyone else read this and wonder how one could make table tops out of dogs?

All right! I’m ahead of the curve on this one!

It wasn’t really me being a cheap-ass-bastard and buying IKEA’s oak countertop for $200 instead of using granite at $2,000

Only problem is that the countertop doesn’t play that well with water. On the plus side, a quick sand and re-coat with tung oil doesn’t really take all that long.

We have friends that recent redid their kitchen. They’re cheap and they have no taste whatsoever, anyway, so it didn’t surprise me, but they were so proud of their granite countertops.

Wow, were these ugly. They were brown and grey and white, the colors of a sickly tabby cat. They didn’t match anything. The “pattern” of the colors was almost like looking at one of those magic-eye paintings.

It was disorienting just to be in the kitchen.

But, it was granite! Goody for you.

Worktop materials coming to kitchen designs in 2009:


Bread (baked fresh every day)

Human bone terrazzo.

I’m seeing more colors in the kitchen. The trend began with small appliances like those iconic Kitchenaid stand mixers.

Washer/dryer sets are already available in colors. I’ll bet the trend will continue with “mainstream” kitchen appliances. Not really suited for built-ins–but “building in” every appliance limits future choices. Some mix/matching is possible–with white or even the reviled stainless. (Stainless sinks don’t shatter every dropped glass & dish as thoroughly as porcelain.)

Already, there are high-end Smeg (sic) refrigerators. And these retro fridges–with stoves, hoods, dishwasher panels & microwaves to match–or mix. (The microwave is available in avocado. Those who do not remember the designing mistakes of the past are doomed to repeat them. I remember–& am appalled by the murky paint colors so popular now.) Or–save up for a renovated vintage stove.

I share the boredom with generic granite countertops. Quartz is more durable & comes in lovely colors. Formica is much cheaper for those who can remember to use their trivets, with lots of interesting colors & patterns. And the boomerang pattern is back for the truly retro.

Every counter doesn’t need the same top. A slab of marble for the serious baker? Wood for chopping vegetables?

All the kitchen cabinets don’t have to match, either. How about a painted finish on the island? Shelves or glass doors on the top cabinets, instead of unbroken wooden monoliths? Yes, pantries should never have gone out of style.

Mind you, this comes from a renter who watches HGTV a lot. But, even there, the trend is away from slick, generic kitchens for quick turnover. And more towards personalizing the place because you’re planning to stick around.