Kitty situation - feral cat and her kittens in the garage

Hooray! Itty bitty kitties!

My own owner was an itty bitty kitty once, abandoned by her feral mom. (She’s much bigger now.) Well, maybe not abandoned - I heard my kitten meowing under a pallet and got her to come out, then snatched her away inside. Her mom may have come back to get her, I’m not sure. (I do know that my neighbor thought she heard a kitten in her yard a couple of weeks later, and my friends found --sad-- a kitten skeleton in my shed awhile back, so I think mom had some stashed in various places.)

Good on you for locking her inside - she definitely will move the kittens, and that’s not a good thing.

Does she have a litter box? This can be as simple as a disposable tin filled with a bit of cat litter. Otherwise, you’ll have more to clean up around your garage later.

I’ve heard that kittens do best being with mom for at least 6 weeks. That said, I estimate that my cat was 3-4 weeks old when I found her, and she seems like she’s grown up all right. Near the 8-10 week mark the kittens might start inheriting mom’s skittishness and start turning feral themselves, so the window for socializing them does close eventually. But just being with them right away will give you a huge advantage there.

You’re good people, retterath.

Glad they’re closed up, OP. It’ll be much easier to care for them all if they’re enclosed, not to mention much MUCH easier to get momma spayed when the time is right. Spending time quietly near her is the way to go. If you’re a reader, bring a book or a magazine and just sit still nearby so she can get used to you on her own terms. I doubt it’ll take her long to realize you = food, and then you’ll be on track to friendship. :slight_smile:

Litter box is a done deal. She’s taken right to it. Bit of an overachiever in the burial department though. :rolleyes: Don’t put the litterbox on the area rug.
I got some kitten food at the vet. Mixed it with her regular stuff. Hobo seems to like it.

Here’s Hobo.

This is Loco.

I’ll try to get some more pics tomorrow.

If you, ah, let us know where you live, there, um, might possibly be one or two of us who would take a cute widdle kitten off your hands for you, when they’re old enough …

Loco is HANDSOME! And Hobo is exactly Mr. Shoe’s kind of cat - he loves tabbies. We have two cats and I am under strict orders not to acquire a third, but Mr. Shoe did make the most undignified sound when I showed him your picture of the new box inhabitants, so …

Just popped in to say squuueeee!!! And good job on taking the family in.