Know of any good places to post controversial topics, especially for anti-Pit people?

No I didn’t say that at all, but as I didn’t complete my thought I will add this.
I should have closed the thread or moved it when I first saw it. That is why I didn’t bother with a modnote for digs.

@digs in the future please don’t rise to the bait of threads like this and report them.

Some people have been posting here for 20+ years. They have friends here. They can post about other topics that are not controversial here. Several people I’ve read lately have posted that they don’t go to GD, P&E or the Pit anymore. Unless they’re not posting anything controversial anywhere, they have somewhere that they post that stuff. I’m asking where that is to give people alternatives for where they can post if they want to post or read that type of content.

Some people have said that Shodan and Dio would have been good posters if they didn’t post about politics. I don’t know if this is true, but maybe if they had another place to post about politics, they could still post other stuff here.

The question I’m asking here is where are those other places.

Dio was also a compete dick in many conversations regarding music and pro football.

Maybe she has Diogenes confused with Clothahump, who I honestly believe would not have been banned if he had stayed the hell out of the Pit.

There’s no OP that makes sense without the background. If I asked for places to post controversial topics, I’d get people saying, ‘why can’t you post here?’. If I asked for places to post controversial topics that aren’t here, I’d get people asking, ‘why do you need to go somewhere else?’. It might also seem a little disingenuous to ask without mentioning why I’m asking.

If you have suggestions on how to rephrase what I’m asking, I’m open to it.

It might have been nice to see if it could have gone well, but once you posted your expectation, it was pretty much fated.

I tend to agree with this. Clothy was a pretty good guy to hang out with outside of politics.

That isn’t really accurate. Blame me if you like but not puzzlegal. I was considering closing or moving your OP before anyone posted. I wish I had done so quicker.

@puzzlegal is giving you good advice, you should consider it.

Good to know. Thanks for the review.

Glad that works for you.

I do that too. I read r/politics (way left) and r/conservative (slightly right) at the same time sometimes. But maybe there are more places?

Hypothetically, if i agreed with 99.9% of the LGBTQ viewpoint, but i wanted to address that just maybe, just maybe, we should take a moment to address that cis females might have a point in competing against trans females. Where could one express such a viewpoint? Without being derided as a trans phobe? It is certainly not the SDMB.

I’m happy to take her advice. But it’s not clear to me what she’s advising. If you want to recommend how I could phrase the OP better, I’m also open to your suggestions.

Too bad this is only about politics. I would love to be able to discuss Psilocybe cubensis in a rational way. And discussion is either not allowed in some places or overrun by people just looking to get high in others.

Likewise, Shodan was interesting when he posted in Cafe Society. I never found him especially trollish, even when he posted about politics, for that matter; even if I completely disagreed with his opinions.

What do you want to discuss about it? I found 3 subreddits about it. One seems to be about using, one seems about growing but the third looks like it could be more general. Some of the questions seem general. If you want more of the science or research, there might be other places as well.

A place to discuss anything related to shrooms
A place to call home for folks who grow mushrooms!
Psilocybin Mushrooms

Absolutely. But can a poster, especially the OP, set ground rules that are respected?

How much input does/should the OP have in controlling a thread?

Frankly, my dear, you seem to have some strong opinions about the place for someone who just got here a few days ago.

How about you fuck off (again) sock?

How about something like:

I like posting here in general, but I am no longer comfortable discussing politics here, because discussions tend to get polarized and sometimes political discussions lead to posters calling each other names in the pit. Can you recommend other sites where i can engage in vigorous political discussions, with both liberals and conservatives, but where “pit-like” posting is forbidden?

Notice that i didn’t insult anyone, and i don’t even think i said anything controversial. I didn’t suggest anything about bigoted posters, nor accusations thereof. Could that op go off-topic? Sure. But it’s much less likely to, since it’s unlikely to piss off anyone.

Notice also that i didn’t drag in the suggestion of shutting down the pit, just saying that “i” (or you) prefer something different. I kept it focused on what i believe your request is.

Look at the very first response you got. It was already pretty much fated.

Also, I’m also curious what you meant by “flouncing”. (Pretty sure that was the question mis-spelled here:

Thank you. Not a definition of “flounce” I’ve ever seen before.

I agree with this also, but I generally liked Clothahump better. We had similar interests.

Not really, they can make a request, but they generally don’t control the thread once it is in the open if you will. Hell, I’ve got a game suggestion thread with No Steam Games in the title itself, and that wasn’t respected by several posters. It happens all the time.