"Krazy Kat is the greatest comic of all time." Umm... why?

Garfield does nearly the same damn thing, except there’s at least 2 plots.

Garfield is hated.

What’s the difference?

Because in Krazy Kat the characters actually do something. They interact in a way that Garfield, Odie and Jon could never even comprehend. And Krazy Kat has way more style to it, the can be fantastic, each iteration of the plot actually introduced something new to it, rather than feeling like the same thing every time. Bottom line, Garfield = boring like making me want to rip my eyes out, Krazy Kat = entertainment, pure entertainment and enjoyment.

I’m just thinking about the whole “Bonds could beat Ruth if they duked it out and C&H is better than KK if you ignore the historical context” argument. I guess it makes sense, except that many of the things that make Calvin and Hobbes good are things that Watterson probably learned from reading Krazy Kat and similarly, Barry Bonds learned baseball in world that had already experienced Babe Ruth and seen what was possible.

In other words, it is useful to look at things side by side stripped of their contexts, but that won’t change the fact that the newer thing may be great at least in part because of the influence of the older thing.

The difference is that Ruth would be able to strike out Bonds (he was one of the best lefty pitchers in AL history before he converted), while Bonds cannot strike out Ruth.

The Kat’s creators turned one basic plot and found an infinite amount of permutations around it, and kept fans entertained to this day. The art and innovation of variation was a huge leap from Punch and Judy-type puppet sketches the comic strip was based on. The only equivalent leap in adaptation was from sketch comedy radio shows to the development of the sit coms in I Love Lucy and The Honeymooners, of which elements of both shows influence all sit-coms following the two.

But could Ignatz outpitch Babe Ruth, that’s the question!

Well, with bricks, sure.

In a world in Pogo exists, this entire discussion is completely pointless.

The greatest cartoon ever is The Far Side.

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I tried reading Krazy Kat.
Fucking incomprehensible.

Robert Anton Wilson had his share of fun with Krazy Kat in his novel Masks of the Illuminati

A few pages later, after talk of a mysterious occult secret society…

What if Babe Ruth had a brickbat?

Then he could whack barry bonds and become the greatest baseball player again.

I hope that it was clear that my bold declaration that Calvin and Hobbes is the greatest comic strip ever was meant to be ironic in light of what I had written just before making that assertion.

As for Ruth vs. Bonds, there should be no doubt whatsoever that Ruth is the greatest player ever.

And just in case anyone is interested, a collection of every Far Side cartoon every printed is being released on October 20.

If you really want to get your freak on, read the novel Krazy Kat, by Jay Cantor.

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everything Cervaise so eloquently stated goes for me too. Herriman was the Salvador Dali of the strips

Yes. Cervais’ post was greatly enjoyed in this corner.

I did read the thread, I was just taking the piss. Although I really had never heard of Krazy Kat before this. Now that I know what it is, however, I’ve seen the light. Krazy Kat embodies absolute perfection. Evil to deny Krazy Kat! I’m calling up the Pope right now and telling him to go piss up a rope, for I have seen the One True Way, and lo, it is Krazy Kat.

[size=1]I’m still taking the piss, dakravel.

Each reread makes me like it less. Put me down on the side that doesn’t get it.

Oh yeah, I dislike Tom and Jerry, too.