Landing a plane - who decides, pilot or control tower?

Fire was my first thought, but remember, the camera is looking thru tree branches which can distort what you’re looking at & if the camera is also picking up IR in addition to visible light that could be a piece of it as well. Watching in slo-mo might help to determine but it’s not worth it to me to make the effort.

the issue facing the pilot was high winds. If he tried to land into a wind sheer situation then he would have lowered engine thrust to compensate for head winds only to be caught short with a sudden change to tail winds. This has brought aircraft down before. That’s why major airports have wind-sheer detection systems. That would occur without any mechanical issues.

Another possibility could have been torsional stress on the vertical tail plane from sides gusts. It could have sheared the tail off.

Respectfully, no.

These two guys encountered nothing out of the ordinary weather-wise. At least that we know of.

Every aircraft has a “trap”. Something if you don’t keep tabs on it, it will bite you in the rear. The 738 is no exception. I don’t fly it so I hesitate to comment. But I will anyway. :slight_smile: IF what has been said on other forums is true, it would have startled the **** out of me. Boeing has moving throttles and that’s supposed to save us from this. Why was the pilot flying not covering the thrust levers?

It really doesn’t matter what you have set in the MCP or VNAV… if the airplane throttles back and you don’t want that, then you go click-click, click-click, and fly the airplane. Too bad for these folks.

That’s all just pure speculation though isn’t it?

Yessir, it is speculation on my part. I don’t work for a party involved in the investigation, so surely I am allowed a little speculation?

Keep in mind this isn’t PPRuNe where we have to exhaust all other possibilities (including aliens and meteors) before we say “pilot error”.

Here I think I’m free to say, “it’s probably pilot error,” I’ll wait the 2 years for the final report, but if you have any contradictory evidence please post it as you find it. Otherwise any threads about this crash will be awfully boring for the next year or two. Someone might learn something in the process of it all? I know I did already.

Oh speculation is fine, I’m all for it. It was more aimed at the “other forums” you spoke of. I interpreted you giving the mode awareness balls-up scenario more weight than you maybe were.

Core (or RichardPearse), feel free to elaborate. Is there some sort of autopilot mode which can, in certain unusual circumstances, cause the power to be drastically reduced?

I don’t fly the 737 but apparently so. You can also have a similar thing happen in the Avro RJ that I do fly and as Core says, all aircraft have traps. It’s just a matter of knowing what autopilot modes are active and what they do.

I was discussing this incident with a commercial pilot I know. Her impression was that it was most likely windshear during an attempted go-around, which she described as “one of the most dangerous things a pilot can deal with”. Apparently they practice windshear go-arounds in every sim session.