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According to this site, fall is the best time to transplant peonies.

hehe. Actually, I spend time in all three locations. But I know a sign painter and was going to compute distance/direction to other spots I like: St Maarten, Hilton Head, etc. :cool:

Thank you, very informative! Now, what are eyes and crowns again? :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds like someone is having a case of the Monday’s. (on a Thursday no less!). I kid, I kid. The gravel will be an ongoing maintenance issue but only incrementally more than I have now there (bare dirty and weeds).


The edging looks like rubber or plastic. That often works its way loose. Steel edging is better, it will stay where it belongs.

Is it bark mulch? That gets scattered easily, and it’s impossible to clean up fallen leaves without raking up a lot of the mulch. River rock is the way to go.

I’ve read this all, and so many folks giving good advice. Joe; my particular questions would be: what is the light situation there? Morning light or afternoon, or dappled the whole day. Are the plants you have there doing well?

There where?

Flower bed in the picture is dappled with more morning/noon light. Plants that do not require lots of sun or require shade seem to be doing well there. The peonis and such are nice and healthy, although smaller this year than last due to a late spring freeze/frost.

In the area I want to add the gravel access and the new flower bed? That area is between the house and the large maple tree. It is mostly shaded. I have no illusions I’ll get pretty pansies or daisies or anything like that to grow there. I’ll be looking for mostly shade plants to fill in this spot, more hostas, ferns, etc.

Overall, the yard is a mix due to the house/lot size and the mature maple, mulberry, and prunus trees which shades large sections of the yard at different times of the day. It is a challenge. :slight_smile:

Correct, the edging is heavy-duty plastic. I trenched it out 4 inches deep and it is secured with 1 inch wide/flat metal spikes. It is pretty firmly secured but it was always a temporary measure to define the bed edges until I work out the larger landscaping design. I could not find steel edging locally.

As for the mulch, it is mulch. Pros/Cons apply. I’m not a fan of hardscape stuff like rock in beds.

Why thank you. If I posted a picture of the “other” parts of the yard you may not feel the same way. However, I’m working on it! Mishka is very sweet-looking. It is all a part of his evil personality, look sweet as pie but be mischevious as possible. He takes after me I think. :wink:

Thank you everyone for your advice so far, it is really appreciated. :smiley:

Peony require full sun to really get any nice flowers from them, so judge the new place accordingly. Try to not break up the peony plant too small.

This site had good information that I agree with.

Thanks, here and here some photos of them in bloom. Even though they get a mix of sun/shade, they bloom quite nicely I think.

I’m planning to move the single peoni plant that to a spot within the row shown in the pictures. In its current location, it does not get as much sun as the rest and is therefore undersized and has small flowers (compared to the rest).

Thanks for the links!