Lasers shone into pilots eyes - how?

Yes, but what if your choice is between hump or death?

I have a 5mW green laser, that emits a visible beam at night. I was curious about how bright it actually was, so I enlisted the help of a friend, and had him park his car about 1/2 mile away and then let me shine the beam at him. He said that the beam was blindingly bright, bright enough to make him put his hand up to block the beam. Next task is to find two hills a few miles apart and see how bright it is at that distance.

Its going to be an interesting day if a 20 dollar laser pointer ever takes down an aircraft.

I love the Eddie Izzard Lego videos! Hilarious!

And barely relevant to the OP, but this is a sign posted on the door to a research lab in the Physics building at McGill:

Makes me laugh every time I see it!

Don’t forget that one can use optics. Without going into details, some friends and I once cast a bright, well-defined, steady spot of light about 1/4 mile using a telescope and an ordinary flashlight.

For some reason, I’m recalling an Arthur C. Clarke book named Earthlight.

Thats just what I wanted. I had a look at some of the other videos on YouTube of larger aircraft landing from pilots POV. They can all see quite a bit of the ground in front of the runway.

Former airline pilot here …

We have a fantastic view ahead & downwards as well as to the sides. Yes during approach the airplane is a bit nose-up, but we can see over the nose to the ground well short of the runway. The various videos out on the 'net taken from jump seats show only a small fraction of our field of view, both due to the location of the camera, and the inherently narrow FOV of cameras compared to swivelling eyes mounted in heads mounted on swivelling necks.

A wimpy laser can really trash your eyesight temporarily, especially at night. “Dazzle” is the current term of art. And you don’t even need to be looking right at it. If I’m looking striahgt ahead & somebody hits the cockpit from, say, 45 degrees off to the side, I’m gonna get dazzled. From 90 degress off it’ll probably rattle around in the cockpit bouncing off the insides of the other windows. That reflection will be less intense but could still pose a problem.

This isn’t funny; somebody’s gonna lose a aircraft over this.

And no, auto-land is not a solution.

That will no doubt be the most expensive $20 ever spent in history!

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I think that you are taking this much too seriously.

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I recall a US welder was caught playing with his laser aiming them at planes. When he was arrested he had the amazing presence of mind to blame is daughter.

[Home Simpson Voice]It was the girl, arrest the girl.[/HSV]