Last "declared" war?

Oakminister, you’re simply wrong here. The Geneva Conventions apply to ALL armed conflicts, not just declared wars.

The Bush administration wasn’t arguing that the Geneva Convention doesn’t apply because we aren’t at war. They tried to argue that Afghan fighters weren’t soldiers because they didn’t fit the definition of lawful combatants under the Geneva Convention.

I thought thread hijacking was frowned upon? I’m not looking for a debate on Bush’s policy. I want information about the most recent formal declarations of war…not anything else that has a similar effect. Not nitpicking details of side issues.

well, if you post inaccurate information, it should be corrected, but the point is taken.

I have managed to find conflicting information as to whether Iraq formally declared war on Iran in September 1980. It appears that on September 17, 1980, Iraq renounced a 1975 treaty which demarkated the border. Hostilities began on September 22, and Saddam appears to have issued some sort of statement on or around that date, but I’m so far unable to track down its contents.

It also appears that South Vietnam on June 24, 1965 adopted a declaration that a state of war existed with respect to North Vietnam. This declaration seems to have been amended in November 1968. Hope this link works.

Afghanistan and Iraq are nations not terrorist organizations.

Members of various organizations not sponsored by the government and commiting random acts of violence are terrorists. The legitimate armies of Iraq and Afghanistan prior to their defeats were not terrorists. There is a difference.

The GCs never anticipated war between a state and an entity other than another state.