Last German WWI Veteran Dead at 107

Story here.

Or so they believe:

“When France’s second-last surviving veteran from World War I, Louis de Cazenave, died January 20, the news made international headlines. But in Germany – which lost both world wars and has had to cope with the shame of the Nazi genocide for more than six decades – there is not even an organization keeping track of the remaining veterans.”

Oh, and his name was Erich Kaestner.

Who keeps track of losers? :wink:

How about the Askaris?

The Black troopers, deployed in German East Africa in WW1?

Are any of them left?

Dunno, but they’re hardly German. I mean, Kaestner was German, not just fought on the German side.

They were soldiers of the German State.

Sorry, I guess I edited at the same time you were replying.

I think the point of the story is that the last “German” veteran died, not the last one who fought on the German side. What’s the life expectancy of the Askari? Seems it would be lower than for Europe.

I’m not sure that could be knowable. I’ve seen comments suggesting that askari records were in such a state that it took a reading of drill manuals to determine who was eligible for back-pay years after the fact. I doubt things have gotten better since.

According to the German Wikipedia pensions were paid until the late nineties when the last recognized Askaris died. As Governor Quinn said actual documentation is very limited and little is known about those who never applied for their pension.