Last Remaining Cast Members

Holy crap! Robert Colbert (b. 1931), James Darren (b. 1936), Lee Meriwether (b. 1935), and Sam Groom (b. 1938) from The Time Tunnel are still around. Sadly, Whit Bissel (b. 1909) and John Zaremba (b. 1908) both passed away long ago.

Joyce Randolph (age 96) from the 1950s “Honeymooners” as Trixie Norton.

Walter “Buck” Taylor, who played Newly O’Brien, is the only surviving member from the main cast of Gunsmoke. (Roger Ewing, who played Thad Greenwood, is also still alive but I don’t think he was ever listed as a main cast member.)

Will Hutchins, from Sugarfoot.

This one, like a lot of these I’d imagine, depends on who you’re including as being in “the cast.” Mary Jo Catlett – who was a series regular in 81 episodes as Pearl the housekeeper in Seasons 5-8 – is still alive. That’s more than twice as many episodes as Charlotte Rae who played the Drummonds’ housekeeper in the first few seasons.

From Rhoda Julie Kavner is the only cast member who was in 30+ episodes. There’s one other cast member that I don’t recognize, Ray Buktenica, who was in 28 shows.

Those no longer with us are Valerie Harper, Lorenzo Music, Dave Groh, Nancy Walker, Ron Silver, Kenneth McMillan, and Harold Gould.

For a switch: Greg Mullavey, Mary Kay Place, Dabney Coleman, Claudia Lamb, Shelley Fabares, all living. What’s the show?

After the Extinction Event, Betty White and Keith Richards will be the only two humans left to repopulate the surface of the planet with the human race.

Scary thought, ain’t it?

Yes, Roger Ewing had his own portrait shot in the credits, but only briefly. I remember it, although it’s hard to think of someone more forgettable than him.

Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman?

Cripes, I could have sworn Dabney Coleman was no longer with us! As old as he is, though, I probably shouldn’t commit this to long-term memory.

Phyllis Coates (93) - Lois Lane in the first season of The Adventures of Superman is the last surviving member of that cast.

Aside from Burt Ward (age 74) and Julie Newmar (age 87), are there any members of the Batman TV cast still alive?

Ah, close. But Shelley Fabares was only in the Louise Lasser-less spinoff, Forever Fernwood.

Not unless you count Lee Meriwether.

Butch Patrick (age 67) and Pat Priest (age 84) are the only remaining Munsters (Eddie and Marilyn).

Lee was a guest star in one TV episode, but not as Catwoman. She was Catwoman in the 1966 motion picture.

Just John Astin and Lisa Loring left from The Addams Family

I suppose we could count John Astin as a Guest Villain on Batman (“The Riddler” in one episode), but that role really belonged to Frank Gorshin.

That’s why I equivocated.