Legally, what would happen if somebody got something that was illegal tattooed on their body?

I did a lot of browsing through the manga library when it was first uploaded and saw two or three really hardcore and young doujinshi chapters. I wasn’t able to find them again, but you could give Mujaki no Rakuen a browse there. That is what passes for “milder”.

No thanks. The wiki illustration for lolicon above was plenty for me.

I was imagining that a possible defense to child porn or other “illegal” stuff as tattoos could be that “It’s my body and I can put anything on there that I want”. Or not.

In an unrelated topic remember when Wikipedia had an anime girl mascot briefly? When I saw that thumbnail up there I thought it was her and I thought “How come Wikipedia doesn’t put that anime girl in more articles?”


Let’s please not go any further into the topic of drawn child pornography, here, than stating that it exists. Even if it is technically legal, we don’t need any “this is where to find it”, or even “these are the search terms to use for it”.

Dude, the one title I mentioned by name is sold on Amazon. You are talking about an incredibly common subset of manga sold openly in mainstream stores in Japan, not some obscure secret. I’m not whispering out some secret password for a speakeasy, I’m pointing out one example tree from a forest.

No, I don’t remember that, but there she is:

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