Lenny at the vet. Situation dire. Opinions needed urgently

Lenny is that the vet’s. The situation is dire. He as a pleural effusion (one side has LOT of fluid and his breathing is labored) and given his long history of a thyroid condition a heart murmur and a galloping rhythm, the prognosis is very, very grim. He is very old, whatever the underlying cause of the effusion is bound to be Very Bad, and I promised my buddy that after his last surgery there would be no more invasive stuff.

And so… :frowning: I’m having them drain his chest so he can feel better and not in distress. Then I’m having my little pal euthanized. :frowning:

My fiancee and I are trying to decide though about whether to bring him home and have him put down at home, where Squiggy can be there. Or since he’ll be feeling better and glad and relieved to see us, it may be less traumatic to have him put down at the vet’s.

Getting Lenny home will be very traumatic. He is terrified of the car and pees, pukes, and poops for the short drive. So the ride home will be really distressing. But being at the vet is distressing too.

Presently he’s in an oxygen tent which is making him feel better, and once his chest is drained he’ll feel almost back to normal with the added bonus of some sedatives in his system. So it might be less distressing for him to stay at the vet’s where the oxygen tent is making him feel better.

What are your opinions? Should I take him home?

I’m so sorry.

I guess it depends on how long you feel you can keep him at home before the euthanization. If he’s going to have a day or two to settle down from the trauma and enjoy being home, then I think that’s what you should do.

{{hugs and condolences}}

Leave him at the vet. Sounds like it’s the easiest and most peaceful option, which will help all of you.

{{more hugs and condolences}}

The vet has no idea how much time there would be before his chest filled up again. The onset was pretty sudden. He was behaving normally last night, but was just a little less social than usual. This morning you could see he was working to breathe. I’d be worried that he would deteriorate overnight, but I’m not sure.

I wouldn’t take the chance of causing him any more distress. I’m so sorry for you and him. :frowning:

So sorry for you and for Lenny. Take care of him there, then take care of yourself. The extra distress is no way to spend that most precious time.

Could you bring Squiggy in to the vet? That would keep the distress for Lenny low, but give Squiggy a chance to see he is gone…which is what I’m assuming you are going for.

Squiggy is quite high strung and would probably cause more trouble than help. I want Lenny to have the least amount of trauma. I tend to think he would feel best coming home, if he’s medically okay to do so without deteriorating overnight. The vet terrorizes him (not on purpose of course, but from Lenny’s point of view). When I got out the cat carrier, he was dribbling pee as he walked toward me when I called him.

On the one hand, I really think he’d feel better coming home. But if he’s going to deteriorate and slowly drown in his own chest fluid for hours and hours, there’s no way.

That’s why the decision is so tough. If we knew for sure that draining his chest would by him even just half a day of reasonable comfort, there would be no question.

“Good boy, Lenny, I scritch thee gently behind the ears.”

I would opt for service at the vet’s. Quick, competent, and uncomplicated are admirable terms at this point. Squiggy will catch on…

I would keep him at the vet, under the circumstances, but I can see why you aren’t sure what to do. I wouldn’t want to put him through the known trauma of a car ride plus taking the chance of his lungs filling up again when he’s not in a place where they could take care of it on the spot. If you knew he’d have a more comfortable day or so I’d consider bringing him home, but you don’t know that. This is a really tough one, but I’m voting for keeping him where he is.

I’m so sorry. Poor guy.

Well, after consulting with both vetinarians (Lenny’s regular vet and the one who does “housecalls”), they both have said that Lenny’s lungs will be okay to go home, but that’ll he should be put down this evening. :frowning:

The procedure will be identical whether he’s at home or at the clinic. Lenny’s pretty easy going, so an IV procedure from a stranger at home will warrant a dirty look, but not outright panic. SO he can go home and have some tuna out of his own bowl while thinking that everything will go back to normal.


I’m so sorry. How good of you to do what’s best for Lenny.


Terrible and sad situation. I put down my 19 year old cat just weeks ago and can relate. I would have him stay at the vet’s, personally. The less trauma, the better and he’ll go peacefully. My condolences.

I’m so sorry.

Is there any way the car ride home could be made less traumatic? Tranquilizers from the vet maybe?

I don’t think there’s ever a “good” option when you’re putting a beloved pet to sleep… it sucks, no matter how you cut it.

If the vet thinks Lenny will be okay to make it home and still have a couple of hours to get over the car ride, then you may as well give him the benefit of going home one last time and getting spoiled rotten over the last little while he has with you. This way, at least your last memories of him won’t be the vet’s office (and you won’t have the emotional trip back home, sans Lenny).

Scritches for you and Lenny both.

My condolences. It never gets easier.

Ogspeed and head skritches, Lenny. All comfort to his humans in knowing you’re doing right by your good kit-kat.

Gugh! Now I have to deal with questions about Lenny’s soon-to-be corpse.

Do I want his ashes back or not?

(I have Baloo’s ashes, but that was because the pet crematorium made a mistake when he was put down ten years ago.)

Aww, poor baby! I’m so sorry for you, Swallowed My Cellphone and your family. My suggestion is to keep his ashes, then either bury him on your property or give him a very nice urn and a good spot on a high shelf where he can keep an eye on everything that’s going on. Then again, my mother kept her father in law’s ashes on the TV until my stepdad died–now stepdad is on the TV. I dunno, it’s a comfort to us for some odd reason.

I’m so sorry. hugs tight and holds on

Maybe you could scatter his ashes in a nice, quiet place…