Lessons learned the hard way

The OP said they asked him which demonization he preferred.

True and I agree with you. I was just saying that would explain why they might be a bit pushy. It sounds like these particular people were just assholes.

(I’ve lately been saying I prefer Ceiling Cat. I’m not an atheist, but I tend to get very contrary when someone tries to push crap on me. Hell, even if it was something I totally believed, I’d probably say I believed the opposite, just to be a smartass)

If you say you’re Jewish, they generally leave you alone, at least in my experience. Just sayin’.

To the OP: Uh, the nurse, or the appointment taker, in the VA clinic you first called was only following protocol.

Many, many, times, people, especially men, will deny over and over again that their chest pains could be heart related. And then a large percentage of these people drop dead while still arguing on the phone with the person telling them to go to the ER immediately. Or they drop dead soon thereafter.

So, perhaps you should be thankful you underwent those tests that ruled out heart disease.

Sure, it sucks to spend that much money when, in hindsight, it was “only” acid reflux.

But that’s in hindsight. You could very well have dropped dead of a heart attack, you know, and never lived to vent about this episode on the Straight Dope.

There’s no price you can put on good health. Better safe than sorry, etc.

Ah, I see now. I thought you were responding to something in my post.

Wow, I’ve been AFK for awhile and hadn’t seen any of these til today.

I knew the Cambodian nurse bit would get responses, just telling it like it is.

Demonization is my best typo yet.

I’ve been taking Omeprozole for years, they asked me to double my dose for awhile.
However I have not been given an acid reflux test, but will have a scope put down my throat when I can afford another day off in the near future.

The cath in my leg was very painful and is still very bruised as is my arm for the IV, my veins and arteries are very had to hit.

The spritual assesment took me by surprise as I had never been checked in to any hospital for any length of time and thought it was standard for all hospitals. Once I said the I had no believe in god they let me slide, but my nurse apprently was uncomfortable around me and I got another one within an hour. I could be projecting but there didn’t seem to be any other reason.

and Yes I am glad I have no heart problems, lets just jump to the definitve test first next time.

Thirded. I’m on a daily dose (as is Typo Knig). We both have acid reflux.

Which, by the way, if not adequately treated, can put you at risk of developing Barrett’s Esophagitis, which by the way if not monitored, can put you at increased risk of developing esophageal cancer… which, by the way, is one of the less treatable flavors of the disease. The Prilosec (omeprazole) seems to be staving Barrett’s off for me, but Typo Knig has a confirmed case of that (so lucky fellow gets to get an endoscopy every year or so, basically indefinitely).

And if you say you’re Catholic, they will (in my experience) offer you Communion while you’re in the bathroom. Seriously… with both maternity stays, I listed Catholic as religion, and both times, the person came around with Communion when I was in the bathroom. Do they have radar or something???

I don’t recall what I listed when my gallbladder was yanked. Either I said “none”, or maybe the bathroom/communion thing was only for new mothers.

Next time, I’m saying “Pastafarian”.

No, those are normal adult portions.
Eat less, lose weight=less reflux.

On the “spiritual assessment,” I was taken off guard the first time I had a hospital admission in a Catholic hospital. I did not choose it for spiritual reasons, I chose it because it was where my doctor practiced. They asked my religion and insisted I had to put something down. When I insisted I had no religion, they put “none” on my record and wristband, which caused me to get visits from well-meaning folk who wanted to convince me of the error of my ways.

Next time around, I was prepared, and said “Humanist,” which was accepted without question. Worked out much better. The funny part was, they did not have room to put the whole word on the wristband, so it just said “Human.” Which was good to have in writing.

A “spiritual assessment,” eh? That is really friggin’ weird - it sounds like, “None of your Goddamned business” would not be an acceptable answer.