Let me be real clear: this message board does NOT need conservatives

You’re right. It was a shit move. And she’s not worth the karma. Oh, well, mea culpa. I’ll donate an extra grand to the Triangle Project this month to make up for it.

You are right. Add that to the list of things I was wrong about - if you’d have asked me a while back if people who are vile enough deserve that sort of insult, I’d probably have said yes, but LHOD makes a very good point here. Whatever DT deserves, there’s no reason to attack other women too.

Yeah, gotta use more creative insults. Preferably ones that make no sense. That way when they get complained about in the various ATMB threads some of us can laugh at the attempt to turn the personal into the general!

And this is what you don’t see conservatives do around here: call each other out for bad behavior and then have that person admit they were in the wrong.

I’m wrong all the time. I try to accept the correction and not get all snarky and defensive when I’m wrong about something. I’m sure I don’t always get it right.

For example, if I were pigheadedly opposed to putting adjectives in my signature line, and multiple posters patiently explained why it’s a tiny thing for me to deal with but could make a real difference to LGBTQ folks, I’d like to hope that I would realize my error and not complain that no one asked me about the change and I hope I wouldn’t say why bother since transsexuals are such a small, weird, other minority.

Why do you ask?

No. Even if you explicitly point out bad behaviour to them (oh, sorry, not conservatives, “liberals”), they’re suddenly all Mariah Carey…

and “not the language police”

I thought we weren’t using that word anymore around here. You know, 'cause it’s pretty much in the same category as other words we quite rightly wouldn’t tolerate around here.

That’s right, which is why MrDribble got called out, at which point he apologized.

I think it’s pretty much happened in this thread; it’s what this thread is about; being right about stuff, shutting out the people who are wrong.

Kind of a golden rule thing going on in my head. I know I’ve been wrong. I know that when that happened, it was better for everyone that the people who were right didn’t just slam the door in my face. I’m probably wrong about some stuff now and I will probably be freshly wrong about other stuff in the future. How I would wish to be treated over my own being-wrongness, is how I think we should be treating the people who we believe are wrong now.

So, SDMB: stopped fighting ignorance since 2021 - You’re Only Making It Worse!

This thread is NOT about people who are wrong. It is about people who, and I quote,

If you don’t see the difference between being “wrong” and being “committed to anti-intellectualism and deliberately undermining good faith discussion” I’m not sure I can help you.

I would want people to point out why I am wrong and make their case as to why they are right. Which is what we’re all doing here.


Sigh… I was only asking a question. Sigh…

I know what that’s referencing and ouch. :face_with_head_bandage:

This is just false. @asahi does not post like @octopus. Sure, @asahi gets emotional, and sometimes says stupid things. But he’s not disingenuous. He doesn’t deny science and facts. He doesn’t act like dismissing bad science and false facts is somehow an attack on freedom of speech. He doesn’t push talking point narratives from his preferred media. In fact, he often takes a position that is out of step with the media, and has to be told why it’s dumb. And, then—get this—he listens. He doesn’t attack everyone who tells him why he’s wrong, unlike @octopus.

You are engaging in false equivalence. It’s as if you think being moderate means you have to be always in the direct center. You have to pretend “both sides” on everything. It’s like it’s important to your identity that both sides be equally wrong and bad.

The same is true when you bring up Cuomo to challenge stuff about Gaetz. As we continually point out, Democrats want Cuomo to resign, but he won’t. Republicans, no the other hand, always stick up for their guy until they can’t anymore. If you compare the way Democrats and Republicans deal with this stuff, it’s clearly different. But you act like it’s the same.

No, Democrats aren’t perfect. But playing tu quoque or whataboutism is exactly the shit we hate. The whole problem that the OP said we have with conservatives is how they engage in a disingenuous manner.

Finally, something everyone seems to miss: @asahi didn’t say that conservatives need to leave the board. He said we don’t need them. He’s arguing against the position that we need to have conservatives to have diversity of ideas on this board. And, then, in the post proper, he explains the problem is with those like D_Anconia who are “committed to anti-intellectualism and deliberately undermining good faith discussion.” And then he argues that those who who push “egregious misinformation”—i.e. things that have been fact checked as being false—should get topic bans.

He’s arguing that he’s tired of trying to preserve posters who engage in bad faith debate merely because they are conservative and thus offer a different viewpoint.

I do not get why this controversial.

You are right I don’t post like asahi. I don’t advocate eradicating ideological opponents. If you were honest instead of a demented and damaged loon you’d admit that.

BigT may be many things: pedantic, boring, long winded, sanctimonious, tiresome… but I’ve yet to find him being dishonest.

Case in point, Al Franken.

It’s dishonest to not acknowledge that reeducation camps are far worse than being called a hive mind which is a response to the dishonest hive mind that labels any position they don’t like or understand ________ist.

BigT is Al Franken?!? OMG.