Let's name a Biden Cabinet

So? He will change his mind quickly once Mitch starts abusing it.

It no longer serves any purpose.

How so?

Have you met Joe Manchin?

edit: Why do people forget that McConnell was the Senate Minority Leader 10 years ago? And they ‘abused’ the filibuster to neuter the ACA.

I hope you’re right, but I don’t think you are.

I do wonder if Manchin and other moderates on board might be amenable to amending the filibuster rules than killing it entirely. Someone on these board posted elsewhere with an idea about how to keep the spirit of the filibuster while still allowing Senate business to be conducted. Perhaps Mitch’s inevitable obstruction could propel something along those lines.

Presumably the Republican Party will be in the majority at some point and then the Democratic Party will be unable to use the filibuster to block anything.

They cant anyway. Mitch McConnell got rid of the filibuster when the Dems were gonna filibuster the SCOTUS nominee.

If the GOP had a majority again, and the Dems blocked something Mitch considered important, he just get rid of it.

Once the GOP has shown they are willing to dispose of the filibuster when they see fit, there is NO USE AT ALL of the Dems retaining it.

The filibuster is dead. Mitch killed it.

Some interesting stuff here.

That’s an aggressively terrible infographic.

I kinda liked it. :thinking:

I thought it was interesting too.

(Including the direct link in case that one gets lost on the inauguration page.)

so far we have 2 cabinet members.

avril haines, and lloyd austin. possible next up is janet yellin.

haines and austin got quite the majority of votes.

Yes, indeed. Here’s the scorecard, regularly updated by the tireless Wikihordes:

I expect that the Republicans will hold their powder to take their shot at knocking off one high profile nominee. Probably Mayorkas for DHS. They’re trying to slow down his nomination now, probably hoping that they can get one of their lines of attack to get some media play. Then maybe they can scare Manchin into voting no.

Janet Yellen wins Senate approval as treasury secretary - ABC News (go.com)

one more is confirmed.

And we have a new Secretary of State, O frabjous day!