Let's trash Bill Gates

Let’s not forget Mr. Gates has made well over 1500 of his employees into millionaires. (Not to mention his stockholders).
Guy can’t be all bad.
His curse, imho, is that goofy haircut.

Forbes Magazine has a great internet page called the “Gates-meter” @ http://www.forbes.com/gates/index.asp

It calculates how many Bill Gates’ it would take to buy various things.

For Example:

General Motors - 0.63 Bill Gates’
Walt Disney Co. - 0.87 Bill Gates’
France - 22.64 Bill Gates’

The meter is calibrated to his 1998 worth ($58 Billion). Apparently his 1999 worth is $90 Billion!

If my math is correct and Bill Gates’ worth keeps increasing at its current rate, he should be able to buy France flat out by 2005!

PapaBear writes:

If my math is correct and Bill Gates’ worth keeps increasing at its current rate, he should be able to buy France flat out by 2005!

The question is, why would he want to buy France?

To Nickrz’s point. He has fulfilled the American Dream for himself and many of his employees and stock holders. As such many people do not like him. “He is an evil rich capitalist pig”, they say.

People may choose to trash him all they want, but he has done the job that all CEOs are hired to do and that is increase the value to the stockholder, he just happens to be the largest stockholder.

How many would really be so noble as to decline an opportunity to be in a monopoly position?


What about Active Server Pages? I simply can’t imagine an Internet without Active Server Pages. And those ActiveX controls are so cool. How did people even use the Internet without ActiveX controls all over the place? And what would we do if all we had was JavaScript? It’s sure a good thing Microsoft invented VBScript because for a while it looked like everyone was going to use a uniform standard. And J++ was a stroke of pure genius. While the whole philosophy of Java is “Write Once, Run Anywhere”, it takes a genius corporation like Microsoft to make a version of Java that only runs correctly on Windows. In fact Microsoft is famous for “embracing” public standards, adding lots of Windows-specific extensions onto them, and then forcing the polluted result down everybody’s throat.

But if it wasn’t for Microsoft, we wouldn’t have all these free browsers, would we? :slight_smile:

My next computer is going to run Linux. It won’t come preinstalled with AOL, either.

spare me your anti-business, anti-greed, crap
We would not be sitting on our asses using this worldwide networked system of “computing machines” if those greedy slumbitches at ATT hadn’t forced a phone monopoly, and all those greedy capitalist pigs that supported this country economically for so long hadn’t invested in new technology. Even the “great” visionnary Steve Jobs was a nobody until those nasty veture capitalists invested in him.

How do you get to build Carnegie Hall? Monopoly, Monopoly, Monopoly

Looks like we have another great debate on our hands.

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I figure that we should invoice Bill for the value hard disk space that all the undocumented goodies in his software. Do I really need a fancy credits page? Excel has one that looks like it takes up several MB.
a few dollars times several billion copies could take a chunk ‘o’ $90G.

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