Liberal Members of the Orthodox Church--Do They Exist?

I am looking for information on the existence, activities, and cultural/social status within their church, of roughly socially “liberal” members of any of the Eastern Orthodox Churches.

Googling seems to turn up nothing relevant.

Does anyone here have leads on such an investigation?


I dated the daughter of a Russian Orthodox priest for a while and she used to joke that the Russian Orthodox Church was the liberal wing of the Eastern Orthodox Church. When I was on Hydra (in Greece) I went drinking with a pretty liberal Greek Orthodox priest.

No help but a little bit of a bump.

usually the o.c.a. churchs tend to be a bit more liberal. stay away from old believers or rocor churches.

the greek churches tend to be a bit looser and some of them (even with deep disapproval of bishops)will use (gasp!!!) organ music in church!!! there are seats! seats! i tell you. if that isn’t liberal i don’t know what is. has a listing of churchs.