Liberals and Corporate Loyalty


The people who run corporations are greedy and evil.

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People make lots of buying decisions for many varied reasons. Historically, the predominant reason people buy certain goods from certain producers is value judgment by the consumer as it relates to the price and quality of the goods. Companies that produce goods that have a satisfactory ratio of quality and price tend to be very successful. Other criteria such as subjective perception of corporate responsibility, political leanings of the producer, etc. have historically had minimal impact upon the success or failure of a producer.

I recently heard a story about a particular consumer goods company that was the target of a politcally motivated boycott. Organizers of the boycott were letting followers know which brands the target company produced so they could be boycotted. Several consumers responded that they regularly shop at Target or Walmart and they normally bought the targeted branded product because it was the best, so what brand did the organizers suggest they buy. The organizers promoted the boycotters to purchase the store brand.

Guess who manufactured the store branded product for Target and Walmart? The targeted boycott company. And normally manufacturers make a higher profit margin on store branded products because they don’t pay for advertising and promotion for those products. So the boycotted company ended up making more money from the boycott than they otherwise would have.

I know exactly what you are talking about and I have a pretty good idea of why this is. First of all, you are talking about a very specific subset of Liberals. Not all Libs are like this but the ones who are…
The Libs you speak of are generally artistically sensitive people. They are more in tune with style and design. I can relate. It is sort of hard to explain but I can give you examples. Beyond Walmarts poor treatment of employees and sexism issues, the stores are design hell. The layout is atrocius. I have always hated going into them. Target is much better. People can say it is BS, but to me it is like night and day.
Financially I am confined to compact cars or whatever. I have driven VWs for a long time because of their manual transmissions. To me, transmissions are a very underrated part of the driving experience. I hate driving automatics because the touch and control is far superior in the VW manual.
I was finally converted to Macs for several reasons, foremost being the trackpads introduced with the iMacs. That type of tactile control is immensely superior to the mouse to me. Most people are more interested in shaving off .01 seconds off the processing time.
Many of these companies cater to these sensibilites and unfortunately they don’t always live up to Liberal ideals… I hate the Apple cult. I’ve been a vegetarian for years and am completely annoyed with Whole Foods’ cultishness, etc…

Except it’s not. The gubmint was designed with checks and balances. Corporations are not. Even publicly held corps regularly ignore their stockholders.

Without the Fed, corps would own the states because in quite a few cases, they’re larger than some states, and even when they’re not, all they have to be in many cases is the biggest player in that state’s local pond.

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What would count as checks and balances on corporations?
Can you tell me what a board of director is designed to do when it comes to executives?
Can you tell me what a recourse for shareholder oppression is (without looking at Wikipedia)?
Would you like each corp to have a legislative chamber (2?) with a distinct executive branch and a judiciary?

As for the equivalence between some of the opposition to corp and some of the opposition to gov’t, it is about kneejerk hostility to a particular form of organization.

For example, you point out that corporations regularly ignore their stockholders while forgetting the bleedingly obvious counterpoint that gov’t regularly ignore their citizens too. For example, Tony Blair had the UK participate in the Iraq war even though most Britons didn’t want to.

<Mitt>Corporations are people, my friend.</Mitt>

I wouldn’t say this is true of all conservatives, but hey, the whole thread is about stereotyping. Most of the (non-rich) conservatives I know always buy the cheapest crap and mostly vote Republican because they want the lowest possible taxes. I think there’s a pretty clear thematic link between not wanting to pay slightly more for a better quality product and not wanting to pay slightly more taxes for a better functioning society.

But is Mitt a person? :wink:

However much one may disapprove of the very fact that capitalist corporations are allowed to exist and accumulate power, one still has to live in this society and is in practice forced to deal with them. There is no moral imperative that all anti-capitalists should go and live of berries in the woods. Furthermore, there are degrees of evilness that can make one corporation less objectionable than another. There is nothing illogical or hypocritical about objecting to capitalist corporatism in general, but preferring one corporation over another.