Lion vs Tiger

You mean like this rouge lion?

It’s very awesome for you to have looked into an read about Clyde beatty, he would be one of the most top ranking people to get an opinion from, for if you read his book’s by no mean’s did he ever try an hide the true power of the tiger an comended ton’s of his tiger’s when they took over the individual fight’s with his lion’s. He favored alot what you just said in the tiger, but I do remember a few of his wording’s from his book saying he often liked to use wild animal’s because it made the show better, but majority of them I assumed weree captive.

But to your 2 paw stance is absolutly correct, but the tiger more so focuses on balancing which diminshes alot of the out-put power of each blow, whie the lion can fight with 2 paw’s he prefer’s to use 1 an fight’s in a 3 point stance, which funnel’s all there power into haymaker shot’s which in term’s are more accutrately timed, while the tiger kinf of just throw’s in the form of a paniced fighter…Mabel stark’s has claimed this as well, although she favored the tiger more, she also implemented that tiger[s were deeply afraid of thunder an silver reflector’s 2 thing’s that a lion greet’s with open raor’s, though lion’s have there own phobia’s as well, they are not so intreeged by water while the tiger live’s 30% of there live’s bathing in, hunting in, playing in an such.

But again, very good to see another person not only intrested in the outcome but the document’s an other’s who lived, trained an studyed both an also keep’s an open mind…not just voice-ing an opinion on a Bia’s assumption, for I said too the data show’s it’s a 8/10 but anything can happen, so I like to be respective to both with having there own leverage’s an deem it a 50/50 it it’s the normal male vs male. average.

Why thank you. I invented awesomeness, you know. But I don’t practice it very often.

You really have to do something about your spelling and punctuation. That stuff usually doesn’t bother me much, but your posts are barely readable. Just slow down a little, eh?

lol Doodly noted, I often tend to rush an it suck’s that there’s no edit window beyound 10 minute’s or so, or I would have corected them at first glance, so maybe the preview option will come in handy I guess.

But I guess I’ll have to share a peice of my finding’s that will not be pleasent, which is false an faked data I found these past searching’s for both side’s of account’s…I really dont know why people would go to great length’s to conseal what I have provided an even worse create fake onformation for better intice-ing what they more favor…here’s a few faked account’s I found…

Exploited and faked account’s and bullcrap leverage’s

#1.Everland of white tiger killing
Now first of all, the article say’s the lion was new, which is bullcrap… that lion is named cameron who was with that zoo since he was a cub and came in with that tigress named Zabu who are now with big cat rescue.

Now look at these picture’s of them playing, an tell me exactly how is the camera man suppose to have get that picture he took at that distance before the people who patrol the zoo’s with there car’s always’s broke up fight’s hundred’s of time’s? And how’s this camera man suppose to get that shot at that persice moment it happened when the distance are so flush and looks as the exact distnace as these right here…
New York Post – Breaking News, Top Headlines, Photos & Videos

Here’s a Url saying zabu cleaning cameron XD
one picture frame away… does it look familiar? XD XD Oh what’s that is that a name I see on the top corner of the page.

Huh! That’s right caught in the act, I’m a landscaper and ground’s keeper for 8 year’s and studyed the biology of hundred’s of different grasses, and the grass in the picture with the so call death and Cameron’s and zmabu collection of picture’s are the same. I even emailed everland’s resort and they stated that, that never happened and cameron the lion is still alive today. You don’t belive, then here, here’s there contact email and phone number to get a hold of them, yourself…

#2 Here’s another tiger fanatic lying punk, who said there was 6 lion’s used on 1 tiger Huh! Really 6, give me a break, here it is…

Here’s a person graphing all the tiger’s showing just like a human’s finger print, no tiger has the same stripe’s, showing there was indeed 3 lion’s vs 3 tiger’s like the real movie’s narrirator said.
Ive seen the original video, it had nothing to do with them fighting it was a documentaion of all the animal’s of india, and none on youtube have the original, which suppose to have a narrirator talking, stating that beside’s all the animal’s they descirbed for the fight scene the lion’s and tiger’s that fought the tiger’s couldent land a death grip and gassed them selve’s out. But lion #2 mauled the big male tiger.

#3Another one is junglar the fighting tiger who killed 31 lion’s. this is a fake account and a missprint. First there was an article that had numbering’s of junglar killing them with the number’s 31, after I confronted the guy who showed it, I told him I read 4 document’s of junglar an they stated he didn’t fight any lion’s he was famous for killing a lot buffalo’s and was the first tiger who brought down a rhino, who a few tiger’s failed to do. Who also he killed a few other tiger’s and said it must have been a misprint because I know the king of oude had very few lion’s.

This mook then stated I was lieing, and showed a revised one saying in wording, look now…. It say’s thirthy one lion’s in wording’s you cant misprint letter’s, and I’m lieing about the what I’m saying. XD XD Then I said you were caught in the act because when you revised the new one that said wording’s of the number’s the date you edited it was still there an this one has a different name from junglar to gunga … an I said okay here’s where it state’s the King of oude had only 3 lion’s, here… - 14k Eastern -King -Nussir…/1108046703 - 178k

In those site’s and those book’s, they state the King of oude had only 3 lion’s it look’s almost uncanny that he just put 1 after 3 to make 31, than changed it in another to wording’s to make it look lgeit and after confronting him with the real document’s he never replyed back hmmm…I wonder why? XD

#4 Jackjacksonj site had claimed he had 367 account’s I mixed and matched all the account’s and he had only 30 that mean’s he leid on 330 account’s, which I posted the answer sheet you can go threw on this very page also on his site I left all the one’s he lied on in his guest book and blog. that tiger did NOT win sixty battles, and the pic does not state he kiled them. here is the FULL quote;

Public Opinion: A Comprehensive Summary of the Press Throughout the World on … - Page 760

At least, fifty or sixty battles were fought victoriously by him with nearly as
many different seals who coveted his position ; and when the fighting season …

and, here is the link, in case you don`t believe me;

You see ^^^ that’s how he merged 2 different article’s to make this…
That’s why after the word’s there are three dot’s like this {…} showing they are not in the same article which this is the article he changed 1 account into 60 from, here

Now in this site he claim’s he has 367 account’s of lion’s killing tiger’s, I noticed his account #4 was also repeated in his #88 an #352. They are the same account, so exact that even the mispelled word’s are exact, he just changed the head line of the article to swap the date’s. He would have gotton away with it, if he hadent put the fake account #4 with the real account #352 on the same site.

So I said to my self, if a person was going to lie on 60 account’s in 1 crack, would he lie on other’s??? Absolutly. So I craked open a 12 pack of good oh budweiser an told myself GAME ON!!! For hour’s I mixed an matched all his so call 367 account’s, to find only 30 account’s. The rest were repeat’s of the same account, only opinion’s which had no fight’s an faked account’s. The only 30 had 80% of smaller female lion’s being killed by bigger male tiger’s, which dont count, we all know the male lion’s are the fighter’s an junglar aka gunga has been exploited showing the king of oude had only 3 lion’s not 31.

#5 The same fool named Ptigirs who made the account of 6 lion’s with Gir has many account’s on you tube, here’s another one of his faked one’s of being a lion hater…

And here’s the real account he changed the wording’s from…
Even saying that the lion’s were african…, leo presica is the closer relitaive to the barbary lion which astiatic lions have 70% more chance’s to grow belly mane’s due to the indian humidity of dense forest’s which the male’s in the gir video had belly mane’s, It is rare for african lion’s to ever grow belly mane’s, here’s example’s of how the asiatic and african lion look differ…
African lion’s no belly mane, an barly look’s like the gir video fight lions…

Asiatic lion’s who have belly mane’s an look like the Gir video fight lion’s.{154420E6-1639-4F92-B419-5BFA2BC8633D}/A0C43P.JPG

#6 Ton’s of people use Prison of the harem with performing acting lions and tiger’s as an account, which say’s the tiger killed the lion,
XD That’s only people reading the story’s plot, that the tiger killed the lion, he didn’t actually die, it was only a scene for the movie no lion’s were ever killed for any movie. Only the movie the big cage, had 3 tiger’s die, one was bobby the tiger the star for the movie and other 2 were suppose to have been the star of defeating the lion ceasar, for the scrpit the director wanted a tiger winning…but the first 2 tiger’s died so fast that there wasent any footage to be recorded, but Bobby was the one who was aired in the movie, who Cesar killed. Shown in this article shown 3/4th’s the way down this page here…
Clyde beatty was asked in general who beat’s who, which he stated lion’s would gang up on tiger’s though only if they are intermidiate family member’s… like brother’s or son’s and father’s, in many other article’s he state’s lion’s are exlellent free for all fighter’s where tiger’s cant handle the pressure of those bout’s, also the big cage exhibition for the movie was 1 on 1 in demand from the director, not clyde beatty who is only the trainer, who stated he actually dident want the fight in many article’s, but if he dident take the role some other person unexperinced, would have gotton killed.

#7 More tiger killed lion B.S faked acount’s…
#8 Ankara incident 2011 bullshit account it wasn’t a male tiger it was a female it dient even happen in 2011 it happened in 2010 september 4th.

#9 The big cage movie, people said it was a female tiger, clyde beatty the person who trained those lion’s an tiger’s said his name was Bobby as in a guy’s name Bobby vs Ceasar here’s a pic of the male tiger as you can see it’s a male what do male’s have female’s don’t? Ball’s…… lol

#10 Roman time’s by Martial Peter’s, every fanatic site say’s martial peter’s said tiger’s won in the roman arena’s, which is bullshit he only mentioned one account of a tigris killing a male lion, an he used the word’s unexpected an un-heard of in any era, so it mean’s there was only one account of a tiger killing a lion in the arena in his era….he did not say every time like tiger fanatic’s twisted his word’s here’s his ephigram’s that show’s his wording;s on page 15…

And honestly, I do hope you give your data to someone who can format it and present it better than you have.
It is an immense amount of data and you have obviously done your homework, but the vast panoply of information overwhelms rather than edifies.

I kindly (and I do mean kindly :)) recommend an editor.

An of course I agree, I have stated I rush, so in term’s it would have been nice to have the edit Icon, which I’ll just have to be more suttle an easy with my type-ing. In other word’s I have to just take my time. :slight_smile:

Ho! I guess you were right, I re-read my data an my punctuation was terrible, I wish they allowed for the edit Icon even more now XD XD XD, I’ll really will watch what I type from now on, he he he heh.

You could type it in some other document, format to your heart’s content, and the paste it in here afterward, tiger. :wink:

well its an improvement from a year or so back, where I dident use a single period, coma, capitalizations an more, terrible just terrible punctuation…XD I just have to take my time. At-least the data it’s is in the form of link’s so it’s at its best. lol

You need to do much more. Use a word processor to spell check and grammar check your posts. Use the insert link icon on highlighted descriptive test for your links. Don’t throw so many links into each post. Sort them out and address smaller sets of them in each post. Your spelling looks intentionally incorrect, that’s just pointless unless you are making a point about spelling. Seriously, I don’t usually mind this stuff, but your posts rattle my eyes.

Applause for the most externally linked OP.

Prior to last year, the Tigers would have won more even if they had played 16 games while the Lions played 162. :smiley:

lol Nah, I’m just lazy, I can spell but I just rush an really dont care all that much, an english isint my native language, so you’d have to bare with me on that, if you were to come where I live people would be scratching there head’s when you talk or laugh.

But I dont think there that much, they are in catagorie form, so they cover one thing at a time, you’d be able to read them faster than a magazine or book, again your just looking for the key point’s not the intire book of what I presented. I had spell checker but this PC is to old, again my other PC broke down so you’d have to bare with it. I like how they are formated because they are in catagorie form I’m not just spweing out random link’s, an if you find any broken one’s then please do tell me, because that’s the last thing I want is false or not working links.

What does XD mean?

Here’s a hint - do not use apostrophes when you’re making something plural. Lion and lions, tiger and tigers. Do you the apostrophe when something is possessive: lion’s mane. Use spellcheck.

However, if English isn’t your first language, I give you props for being able to research and collate so much documentation in a foreign language. I certainly couldn’t do as well as you have.


XD is an emoticon. It’s a smile so big that the eyes are squinty.

Compose your post on a word processor, then paste it into the edit window. It’s what I always do with long posts, that way they don’t get eaten by lions and tiger and bears and stuff, as well.

Rajah that 10…4 an Mahalos :slight_smile:

So basically a thousand Views in just 2 days? Hmm, not bad for a Forum…not bad at all.

lol, at-least people could read threw my poor illistrations but some awesome creditable data on subject…because reguardless of how many details people scaned threw, I’m sure the average person just wanted to know who had killed the other more, not quite what I wanted to presure an emit, but at-least the thousand of people weather a tiger fan, lion fan or both can have a bit more knowledge an credability than what wiki left out.

With just the end result at-least it kinda puts the consealing attempt of so many sites of degrading the lion… has this data putting the lions true history back into the seats of a good debate, if not a blow out debate…XD XD…But as I said before, as much as I like sharing information, I also like learning, so if anyone has anything thats not in this small list, feel free to add them in for both sides of the debate.

Mahalos, :slight_smile:

Can you supply a statistical breakdown of your research, please?

I was going to suggest Wikipedia (they actually have such an article entitled Tiger Versus Lion) and then I wondered if the OP was the same anonymous editor who requested amendments to that article only a few days ago :stuck_out_tongue: