Lisa Marie Presley. Really?

I mean. Wow.

Feeling the same.

I had no idea she was a musician.

What surprised me was

  1. Priscilla is still alive, and
  2. Lisa Marie is my age. I always feel weird when people my age die.

There will be sitings for decades to come.


She was younger than me!

I remember reading her interview in Playboy back in the '90s. I got the impression she was … one of a kind.

RIP. Fifty-four is a rotten age to die nowadays. :frowning:

She covered Don Henley’s Dirty Laundry, which I thought was an apt choice.

  1. She married Michael Jackson AND Nicolas Cage in her lifetime.

Her two youngest daughters are still teenagers. Very sad for them.

There is a history of heart disease in the family.

Some people have mentioned that she didn’t look well at the Golden Globes.

RIP, Lisa Marie.

And drug abuse.


I just saw a video and she looked a little wobbly.

At least she didn’t die on the toilet. That was a sad way for The King to go.

Lisa Marie led a very troubled life. Living in Elvis shadow had to be difficult.

When I heard the news my thought process was:

  1. I thought she was already dead.
  2. Oh wait, Lisa Marie, not Priscilla.
  3. What? Priscilla is still alive?

Me too. I didn’t follow her career but am in the same age group and it feels really weird. Now I’m like, hmm, maybe I should make an appointment with my regular doctor, selfishly, but it’s scary that heart attack/impending heart attack symptoms can be so vague and then you just keel over.

So sorry for what her mom and children must be experiencing.

It’s really sad. So much tragedy and talent in her family. RIP Lisa Maria.

At first, I was thinking that Priscilla outlived her only child, but then remembered that she had another child, a son, many years later.

Makes me wonder if her dietary habits were anything like her father’s.