lissener, video clerk to the stars

Now I can’t get the visual of Billy Idol’s scrawny nekkid butt out of my head.

Damn you, OPer!

Just want to say that I think making fun of someone because of their job is pretty lame.

But does being a video store clerk give lissener any additional insight into moviemaking? Because that’s what annoys most people and causes them to take potshots at his job.

And to LifeOnWry, I do find it unlikely that he has met so many of the famous people that he has met. And I’d imagine that it’s not typical at all.

What? Come on. Link?

Rambo is possibly the best action movie ever made.

I don’t know I’ve met many celebrities and am one degree of separation from some of the biggest Hollywood players in the industry. How is it so unheard of that he might have met celebs?

What’s the big deal with having met celebrities? It’s not that uncommon if you’re out and about in a big city.

You mean a person who spends his entire day watching movies and talking to people about what movies are about? What is so hard to understand about the idea of a video store clerk who watches lots of movies. IIRC Quentin Tarantino was a video store clerk before he made Reservoir Dogs.

If he spends his entire day watching movies he should be fired for being a terrible video clerk. A video clerk’s job is not to watch movies all day.

Ok, that’s the dumb quote of the day winner. You ever been in a video store? There are movies playing on the screens ALL THE TIME. Even if you do your job perfectly, you are still going to catch the movies. And actually YES, it’s a huge part of your job to watch movies so that you can know what the product you are selling is, that you can make educated recommendations to your customers.

That’s like saying it’s not a Used Car Salesman’s job to drive cars.


It was in this thread.

Ok, bad enough you outright called lissener a liar in the other thread, now, by disregarding my post backing up lissener, you’re calling ME a liar too? I may be known as lissener’s friend (for 18 years) but am I a known liar now too according to you? Why the hell would I lie about something so trivial and silly? And why are you so concerned about something so trivial and silly?

Are you lissener’s mommy or something, why are you so defensive about him? I didn’t call you a fucking liar, I said it wasn’t typical. Jesus Christ, everything has to be so precise in The Pit.

If a User Car Salesman is doing his job right, the customer should be driving the car.

And if a video clerk is doing his job right, he should be renting movies to customers and not paying attention to the flashing screen. And any short glances he may get at the screen during the day are incomplete pictures of the whole movie and wouldn’t make him an expert on jack shit.

Yes, one of the perks of the job couldn’t possibly be free or reduced-rate rentals. And Lord knows, someone who works in a video store certainly wouldn’t be interested in watching movies when he’s not working, right?

Have you not actually been in a video store?

You’re the dumb piece of shit who’s making that claim, that “video store clerk” equals “no-good loser who never amounts to anything,” that his understanding of movies must somehow be related to his career.

Kevin Smith worked in a convenience store before becoming a moviemaker. James Cameron drove a truck. Terry Gilliam worked at an ad agency. Should I go on, or are we going to assume because those people held those jobs, they must know nothing about movies?

Lissener might happen to be in a video store job now, but there’s any number of reasons he might be there and still know celebrities. I’ll give you a few reasons off the top of my head:
[ul][li]He has a famous relative, who introduces him to other famous people (see also Jamie Lynn Spears, who has a sister of some note; see also anybody who is married to a celebrity but not a celebrity themselves).[]He used to work in the movie business, but has since left that career (see also Peter Ostrum, who was “Charlie” in Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, but who is now a veterinarian).[]He’s part of a small and insular community which happens to include celebrities (I don’t know lissener well enough to guess what these might really be, but for the sake of argument, see also PETA, whose members include Alec Baldwin and Roger Moore; see also gay community, whose members include a sizeable chunk of Hollywood; see also Greenpeace, etc).[]He was a theater or film student who has been introduced to various celebrities through his professor or his school (see also James Lipton’s students; see also my brother, who attended college with one or two people you might have heard of).[]He used to be in a business closely attended or patronized by celebrities (see also television, newspaper, waiter in expensive restaurant, attendant on expensive cruise ship, Aspen ski lift operator, recording studio, expensive hair salon, expensive clothing store, plastic surgeon, entertainment law firm, talent agency, etc).He knows about movies because HE LIKES KNOWING STUFF ABOUT MOVIES. I realize it must be hard to comprehend that people have fucking HOBBIES. Mine is music. I’ve studied music largely on my own because it interests me. I read about it. I practice. It’s a thing I do. Some people cook; some people stitch; some people re-enact the Battle of Antietam; some people study 15th-century Spanish swords. It has nothing to do with their careers. Who gives a shit why they know, as long as they know?[/ul][/li]I’m sorry that you’re so bereft of imagination that you can’t conceive how it’s possible that someone might have met celebrities. Me? I work in a doctor’s office, so I know it’s very possible to see a lot of names in a day. Some of them might even be famous — not that I’d ever tell.

You called him a liar in the other thread, and in this one you said “I do find it unlikely that he has met so many of the famous people that he has met” AFTER I backed him up, since I know who his friends are and who he’s related to, as well as the fact that we met many of the same (famous, in certain circles) people at the same time. So yes, you are are calling me a liar too.

And your jerkiness continues with regards to him being a video clerk and watching a lot of movies. I worked at a video store in the mid-80’s and I’ve never seen so many movies as during the time I worked there. At decent, film-oriented videos stores (we’re not talking Blockbuster), customers expect you to be knowledgeable about a good cross-section of the films. You get to know customers’ tastes and they get to know yours. If you take any pride in your job at all, and are any kind of movie lover, you’ll watch a LOT of movies.

You are so reaching, it’s hilarious.

I once met a librarian who read books in their spare time :eek:

I once heard about someone who worked in a record store who listened to music all day long, but I don’t know if it’s true. Sounds far-fetched to me.

I think you’re imagining rather a lot in this thread, and I’m seriously not saying that to attack you or join a pile on. You DON’T know who other people may have encountered and under what circumstances. My life shouldn’t, by any easily observable quality, put me in the path of celebrities - but it has, and fairly frequently. If the list you attribute to lissener is complete, you’re going to think I am REALLY full of shit, cuz my list is about three times that long. I don’t actually care if anyone believes me or not, mostly because the famous folk I have met are disappointingly normal, and because it’s happened often enough that I have ceased to be impressed by the novelty.

The deuce, you say!